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Artwork to celebrate Cartoon Network's 30th anniversary.

Here at io9 we’ve talked at length about animation, whether it’s animation our childhood that we loved, or newer ones which deserve to be highlighted more widely. And when it comes to western animation, you can’t talk about it without talking about one channel in particular.

Cartoon Network was launched on October 1, 1992. A year ago, American media group Turner Broadcasting System (or as you will eventually know it, TBS) bought Hanna-Barbera animation studio and decided to launch a network that would serve as a cartoon library. First known as “The Cartoon Network”, it was known as the first 24-hour one-of-a-kind cable channel focused on animation, and its first cartoon was chromatic cartoon short, “Rhapsody bunny. ”

Initially, Cartoon Network’s programming consisted only of various reruns of old cartoons such as before 1948 chromatic cartoon and 1933 Bob series. But her first exclusive original programming will be the 1993 anthology series moxie show, And the Space ghost from coast to coast The following year was the first show ever produced by the network. coast to coast As the network’s first attempt to reinvent an animated icon from the Hanna-Barbera stable for a modern audience, a practice Still continuing To this day, its success helped Cartoon Network find a foothold with older audiences, a demographic that was later rewarded with both Tonami And the adult swimming.

Later in 1994, Hanna-Barbera opened Cartoon Network Studios, which led to her debut What an animation!, An anthology series in 1995 where HB animators or independent creators had the opportunity to make their own original animated shorts for the network. What an animation It served as a springboard for several shows that emerged in the late 1990s that would define Cartoon Network: Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, and so on. The success of those shows was later highlighted by “cartoon cartoon fridaysWhich aired brand new episodes. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this block was the child equivalent of what is now prestigious television, or at least Sunday nights for HBO originals.

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Over the years, Cartoon Network has expanded, taking on some pretty strong and still memorable twists to one degree or another. When the network made a bad call, it was known as The Powerpuff Girls series Jumping to the silver screen and turning into a commercial failure, or when the network started doing live action shows. But other times, the odd maneuvers paid off very well. During the mid-2000s, for example, there were little posters at the beginning and end of the trade blocks where all the characters from the different shows interacted with each other, which you could also say contributed to the MMORPG Cartoon Network Fusion. It was also the same time period when I started broadcasting cartoons from Canada and France, like Totally spies And the leco code, With the biggest success of this group is total drama Franchise business.

That’s the thing about Cartoon Network, and you can’t say they’re unwilling to experiment. Although live action isn’t something anyone would want from a channel literally called “Cartoon Network,” they quickly made up for it with a variety of animated series that showed just how creative the network was. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny it regular show, steven universeAnd the And the Adventure time They had major influences of their own in the 2010s for both the channel they belong to and the medium itself. Track between any of those shows and something newer like gumball or infinity train It is basically a straight line. And that doesn’t even touch on DC Comics over the years that have remained so beloved that “do it like a cartoon” is a much-said imperative when it comes to Their live-action counterparts of these characters. Disney and Nickelodeon have important and beloved cartoon stables, but they are arguably one of Cartoon Network’s shows You know? Something.

Given that this summer was harsh For WB’s animation network and slate in the wake of the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery –canceled projectsoffers took off HBO Max, etc., the anniversary celebration seems a little hollow. However, at its best, cartoon network He gave presentations about specific childhoods and inspired creative minds to enter the industry and try to move things forward for future generations. And that’s something you can’t remove from existence for a tax write-off.

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Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite Cartoon Network shows.

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