Aja Wilson’s week of “madness” ended with the United States setting a world record. WNBA. Las Vegas Aces

Opal protector Sammy Whitcomb said her team has changed hands since losing its opening day.

“After the first game we all looked at each other and knew that’s not who we are,” Whitcomb said.

“I think maybe we got the expectations of that first match but we really let ourselves down. It wasn’t us. We knew who we were and it was about getting back into that.

“Hopefully we can use the Japan match to really get first or second place. It’s really huge for us.”


Opal protector Beck Allen did not take her place on the side as expected after sustaining a rib injury in Sunday night’s win over Serbia.

Australian Basketball said scans showed Allen’s ribs were “structurally intact” and that she was being treated by team medical staff in the hope that she would be able to return.

The Opals missed Allen in the first quarter as they struggled to make their shots although Lauren Jackson cheered the crowd when she scored three points late in the quarter with Canada increasing 23-14.

That lead only grew as the second season with Sammy Hill hit Triple 31-19 but after a while the Opals received a boost from Magbigur, Captain Tess Madgen and Darcy Garbin who led the team on a 19-0 run giving Opals a 38-33 lead in the first half.

Steve Talbot’s defense and passing were vital while Magbegor scored 10 points at the break.

Canada had the best in the third quarter as Bridget Carlton found space for two of the three throws while the Opals faced their offensive struggles until Jackson and Garbin made baskets late in the quarter.

Lauren Jackson hits a Canadian brick wall.

Lauren Jackson hits a Canadian brick wall.attributed to him:AP

But an unsportsmanlike foul on Christy Wallace late in the quarter was hit when Canadian goalkeeper Nera Fields (17 points) hit the ball and a free throw before Kia Gull found three-point space in the next game to put Canada ahead 57-51 with a header. in the last quarter.

The nurse continued shooting into the final chapter, but three Sammy Whitcomb helped Opals make little headway into the final minutes.

Belgium lost their co-star to WNBA Championship winner Emma Meesemann for the remainder of the tournament after tearing her left calf muscle.

Opals will likely face Belgium in the quarter-finals if they finish second in their group.

Australia play Japan in their final group game on Tuesday at 8:30pm.

Meanwhile, after being named WNBA MVP and now a world record, Team USA star A’Ja Wilson has had an impressive seven days.

The 26-year-old smiled from ear to ear after her US team set a new FIBA ​​Women’s World Cup record in a match in a 145-69 win over Korea on Monday.

Last Tuesday, Wilson and USA teammates Chelsea Gray and Kelsey Bloom led the Las Vegas ace to their first WNBA title, Wilson also added the MVP of the Finals to the regular season MVP award before celebrating for just over a day and then Travel to Sydney for the tournament. world Cup.

Wilson missed the United States’ first two games but scored 20 points and scored eight rebounds in both wins over China and Korea.

Aja Wilson comes from the US (center) to receive a lot of attention against Korea.

Aja Wilson comes from the US (center) to receive a lot of attention against Korea.attributed to him:AP

“Man – I feel like I feel it all now that you’re here,” Wilson yelled after Monday’s win. “First, I was numb to everything, and I felt everything.

“I’m happy to be here and it was just crazy to switch, just to join a team where it’s a different ball game.

“Honestly, it was a lot of fun. But I hope to take a break in December and enjoy everything. It was crazy week.”

As a model for a team that has won their last 26 games and is chasing an 11th World Cup, Wilson and her teammates were more interested in improving their defense and preparing for the knockout rounds than admiring their record, which broke Brazil’s tally of 143 against Malaysia. in 1990.

American Sabrina Ionescu and Korea Danby Kim compete for recovery.

American Sabrina Ionescu and Korea Danby Kim compete for recovery.attributed to him:Getty Images

Eight American players scored in double digits and each player scored, while 52 field goals was also a record.

“That’s huge. I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a team that can score basketball like that,” Wilson said.


“That’s crazy. To accumulate 145 points when we’ve only been together for a week or two [in some cases] So this speaks volumes about where this team is going.”

Wilson enjoys playing for the USA as the pressure of performance is shared among their star players.

“I’ve gone from being in the bases, being one of the top guys I really have to make, and then coming in here and it’s coming from everyone, you play with a lot of great people,” Wilson said.

“So just changing the role is something that I like because I don’t have to focus as much on what I need to do, like I do with the Aces. The USA gives me a bit of a relief, I’m like ‘OK, I can sit on the bench and I’ll be good.’”

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