Big 12, Pac-12 Reflect New World Order for College Football | Arena

The first proves to be more than Oklahoma and Texas. Can the latter do the same before leaving Los Angeles?

Forty names, games, teams, and minute details made news in college football, as Dish Network and Disney/ESPN Need to get things together:

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Second Quarter

How is your relationship going?

For the vast majority of its 26-year existence, the pivotal Big 12 Conference has been the Red River Shootout between Oklahoma (11) And the Texas (12). At least one of the teams has been rated in each of the last 24 meetings, and both teams have been rated in 16 of those meetings. The Friday party in downtown Dallas, the Saturday morning scene at the Texas State Fair, the neutral clash of crimson and burnt orange, and the big stakes—it was a holy day on the sports calendar, something the Southeast Conference wanted as part of its inventory when it acquired the sooner And the long centuries.

this year? It’s just another lousy game between the struggling and unranked teams. Alternatively, the Big 12 can celebrate Game of the Year (so far) on Saturday in Lawrence, Kans, of all venues. When not defeated KS (13) meets undefeated TCU (14)with ESPN’s GameDay College Showing to deal with the hype before the game, the sacked league could wave “Goodbye, Felicia” to the bouncers in Dallas. second.

Oklahoma enters the 2022 Red River competition after losing two goals in a row.

Kevin Jayraj / USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 proved its ability to stay out of Texas/Oklahoma last year when Baylor And the Oklahoma met in The league championship match is tight and exciting. Now the unexpected rise to the 19th championship Jayhawks and number 17 horned frogs Provides additional confirmation – and don’t forget the No. 7 Cowboys and No. 20 Kansas State. The league is deep, and it will get even deeper next year with the arrival of No. 16 BYU, No. 24, Cincinnati, UCF and Houston.

The Big 12 companies will miss Texas and Oklahoma badly in one place – the boardroom, where Commissioner Brett Yurmark will negotiate the next conference deal on media rights. in the field? Not so much these days the rest of the league has remained well, a point that will be heavily focused on Saturday as the focus shifts away from Dallas and he discovers an unlikely showdown on the Plains.

There will be life for the Big 12 after losing their Red River match to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It seems a good life.

No such justification is currently available for the other looted Power 5 league, the Pac-12. Quite the opposite. The conference’s first football season since the dissonance was announced USC (15) And the University of California, Los Angeles (16) She, for now, is all about USC And the University of California.

The Trojans #6 and #18 Bruins, whose tickets for the Big Ten were issued in 2024, are the last two teams to be undefeated in the Pac-12. USC is 3-0 in the league with two wins on the road, a great start toward a potential berth in the Conference Championship game. UCLA released its first statement yet of beating previously undefeated Washington in Pasadena on Friday night.

It may happen that neither L.A. team has been the best in the Pac-12 — keep an eye on Utah and Oregon, both of whom have been playing well since losing their season opener to SEC opponents in hostile territory — but now the USC and UCLA are the story of the West. Trojans are the shiny new game With Lincoln Riley training And Caleb Williams, midfielder, leads the league in scoring. The Bruins are Chip Kelly’s methodical rebuilding, breaking through his fourth season last year and possibly achieving next-level significance this year.

Matches against Utah, the Pac 12 title holder, are looming large. and so on. Utes come to the Rose Bowl on Saturday, then USC visits Salt Lake City on October 15. Then we’ll have a better idea of ​​whether the Los Angeles story has staying power.

For now, the Pac-12 is about the two leaving schools. The Big 12 moves to Lawrence.

Other Signs of the New World Order

The TCU-Kansas match isn’t the only indication that the landscape is changing in some areas. There are some other surprising contenders to consider:

After being bad forever, Illinois (17) It looks a lot like the best team in the Big Ten Western Abyss. Brett Bilima only needed 17 games on the job to remind everyone in the conference that he can coach – most notably Wisconsin, where the former Badger coach entered and Paul Crest’s term ended on Saturday. The Eleni (4-1) They play Bilima ball – Run the ball, stop the run. Chase Brown is second nationally in rushing at 146.6 yards per game, and Illinois’ defense is third nationally in yards allowed per game (70.2) and per carry (2.45). But the formula has been slightly modified. Illinois’ total dash has decreased every game this season, yet it has managed to make up for with the most efficient passing game in many years.

Illinois has not had a winning season since 2011, has never won a division championship and last won the Big Ten in 01. Winning the West would be a massive achievement for the program. Even if that followed slaughter in a league championship game.

Fighting Illini exits with a 34-10 win over Wisconsin.

Tork Mason / USA Today Network

Duke (18) He only lost to the unbeaten Kansas (a sentence that tells you this was a surreal season). The blue devils You haven’t defeated a lot of anyone yet — Temple, Northwestern, North Carolina A&T, Virginia — but there have been years when even supposedly winable games have been lost. That includes the past two seasons, when Duke went together 5-18, which necessitated the change of coaching that brought in Mike Elko. With a veteran attacking streak, several good running backs and a moving middle, the Devils lead the ACC in dash yards per carry (5.33). They also lead the league in turnover margin (plus eight).

The Blue Devils’ last winning season was in 2018, and their only appearance in an ACC Championship game was in 2013. The North Carolina-Duke game on October 15th won’t exactly be a Final Four Legends game, but the winner could claim the top spot in the Mange Coastal League.

On the Atlantic side of the league, Syracuse (19) It’s 5-0 for the first time in 35 years. This team went 11-0-1; This team will lose many times. But for a program that has had only one season of wins in its last seven games, these are tough times. The Orange team never finished leading the ACC in total defense, but they are now. Coordinator Tony White, a former Rocky Long sponsor, has done a good job since coming to Syracuse in the year 2020.

The Orange gets an open date this week to rest for the rest of the month: North Carolina, in Clemson, Notre Dame. Dino Papers, who has only one win in his first six, may be on his way to saving his job again.

James Madison (20) It’s been in the news a lot lately, and not just because of the flute that Lizzo played. The school football team is 4-0 in its first season at FBS, including a surprise return to Appalachian State. Dukes has been a top quality FCS program for a long time, and so far the transition so far has been smooth. JMU leads the nation in full defense and can advance to the Sun Belt title – except that it does not qualify as a first-year FBS program.

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