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It’s all Trump’s fault!

The price of the cheapest gallon of gas is now again approaching or exceeding $6 here in Santa Clarita. President Joe Biden and his advisors thought getting rid of 25% of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve would help, and it seems to have helped a little. But as anyone with little economic knowledge knows, this was bound to be a minor, temporary fix intended to put a band-aid on an overtly hostile administration toward energy. Our strategic reserve is now the lowest in 37 years due to this foolish move – President Biden says he wants to refill it with $80 of oil, but let’s not forget these are the same geniuses who blocked President Donald Trump’s attempt to increase the reserve with $24 of oil. It’s hard to even imagine that you’re trying to be this incompetent. I haven’t noticed the administration bragging about gas prices lately. individual….

Fentanyl kills 300 Americans every day! More than 100,000 Americans are killed each year by deadly drugs made in China smuggled across our southern border that Vice President Kamala Harris says is safe. During President Trump’s four years in office, the southern border clashes have averaged 780,000 annually. In President Biden’s “Safe Southern Border” tenure, we average 2 million! Only on the democratic planet are the borders secure and only on the democratic planet is this crisis not recognized as a crisis.

The left wets itself with more than 50 immigrants on President Barack Obama’s island but ignores the millions who are trafficked on our southern border. The misery of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and the deaths of these immigrants does nothing to convince them that Biden’s “safe southern border” policies are a disaster. Not even 100,000 American dead are enough to convince them. They celebrate our diversity over the tragic death of these Americans. As long as that variety doesn’t violate their wealthy pocket on Martha’s Vineyard, that is. “Diversity is our strength, and now our island is far from hell!”

They certainly don’t want to talk about crime and the foolish “police corruption” movement that has caused more death and misery to Americans. They really don’t want to talk about inflation which rose again last month to 8.3%. And speaking of 8.3%, which universe are they from where they can say that the inflation rate is only 8.3%? Do these people go to the grocery store? See energy bills? buy cars? We all know inflation is really twice that number, at least!

But hey, wasn’t the left bragging about stock market prices a few months ago? That’s definitely the silver lining in all of their soul-breaking economic policies, isn’t it? When Joe took “I’m going to cure the country,” Biden was in office, the stock market was at 31,000. As of this writing, the number is at 29,400, which is a 5% drop since taking office. President Trump inherited a stock market that was 20,000 when he took office, but in this day and age, a 50% increase is a disaster and a 5% decrease is a hero’s work! Has anyone seen the Fed’s interest rate chart? ( It’s not pretty, and therefore, according to Planet Democrat residents, it’s either a brilliant success or something to be overlooked in favor of the next political hack swinging at President Trump.

If Republicans are smart, that’s a pretty big leap I have to admit, they’ll run in three words in November and 2024. Economy, Borders, and Crime! These three things are categorical failures and all of them make life in America for millions a living hell. If you want proof that the left has nothing going for it, keep an eye on the negative comments on this post. If they had the courage to comment, it would certainly not be about the gist of this letter or to refute anything I wrote. They always have Trump to talk about even though this country was in a better position by all accounts with him.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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