Bruce Willis became the first celebrity to sell the rights to Deepfake

Action movie legend Bruce Willis He just became the first Hollywood actor to sell the rights to the possibility of a “digital twin” to an American company deep caketo me telegraph. Using deepfake technology, Willis has offered his appearance to use on screen for future projects, after his first experience with digital media manipulation in a commercial for the Russian phone service, MegaFon, last year.

Deepfake technology allows a person’s image to be used to be superimposed on another individual. Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is possible to create a visual and audio “twin” of a person in videos. Although the ability to recreate a person almost flawlessly raises some ethical questions, the technology has already been used within star Wars with the universe Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryBeside The Mandalorian the second season. In 2021, Willis gave permission for Deepcake to appear in a commercial, allowing his face to be “digitally implanted on another artist”. Now, the actor has officially sold the rights to his likeness to be basically “hired” by Deepcake for future productions.

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Recently, the 67-year-old actor announced his diagnosis of aphasia, which is described as a language disorder that causes problems with reading, listening and speaking. He and his family announced in March that Willis would be “stepping away” from acting after more than four decades of films, a decision that wasn’t easy for the star. Using deepfake technique, Willis was able to make a cameo in a Russian commercial just last year without ever stepping on set. About his experience with Deep Cake, Willis said:

“I loved the precision with which my character came out. It’s a small movie of the typical action-comedy genre. For me, it’s a great opportunity to go back in time.”

With the advent of modern technology, even when I was on another continent, I was able to communicate, work and participate in photography. It’s a new and interesting experience, and I thank our entire team.”

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Since the ’80s, Willis has been one of the original Hollywood giants of action movie. It was his role as Detective John McClain in the thriller The Vacation die hard which put Willis on the map as the perpetually grouchy action hero. Due to her box office success and instant classic status, McClane became the star of the franchise, while Willis gained fame as a cynical and wise good guy in films like disasterAnd the the fifth element, And the Sin City. At times, he has taken on roles that mocked his tough character, recurring as the cheeky heartthrob on sitcoms. friends So does Malcolm Crowe in M. Night ShyamalanIconic horror sixth Sense.

Deepcake offers its services for a portion of the fee necessary for a star, like Willis, to appear in production. With this technology, the ability to see stars in roles after their death could become a reality, something that is a little hair-in-the-bud but unheard of. Deepfake technology can be used to cancel out the ages of actors, as well as bring back old Hollywood stars. The company suggests that deepfakes allow production teams to have some kind of rest, eliminate the hassles of scheduling conflicts, secure travel expenses, and more.

While all developments have the potential to be outrageously used, it is undeniable that deepfake technology offers an intriguing solution to the future of television and film. Willis may be the first of many celebrities who want to preserve their legacy. You can watch behind the scenes of the commercial to see how Willis’ deep technique was put into practice below:

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