Scottsdale-based Kidstop is gearing up for the Small Business Show on Saturday

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Kate Tanner can tell you all about the latest gaming trends, though she’s hesitant to say which games are the most popular, specifically. “So this isn’t a ‘cool toy,’ because sometimes this ‘cool toy’ doesn’t get Head Toy Expert approval. That’s the neatest thing about Kidstop,” Tanner said. “You can come here … Read more

Meet the man who rose out of poverty to found the multi-billion dollar Web3 startup

In Delhi, the settlements on the eastern banks of the Yamuna are referred to, often disparagingly, as “Jamna-Paar” (Yamuna-paar). The wealthy, usually settled along its western banks, while Jamna Bar was often seen as a ghetto and its people were looked down upon. Sandeep Nilewal—Co-founder of the multi-billion dollar Web3 company ribbed—It has long been … Read more

Are these nine companies the unicorn companies coming from Southeast Europe?

Southeast Europe, a region traditionally known for its outsourcing technology and affordable engineering talent, has recently turned the plot on its head. Balkans has seen record growth and the emergence of successes as widespread as Twilio’s competitor infobip, cars factory Bugatti Rimac other unicorns. But what about startups that have the potential to reach a … Read more

Business Mentor: How To Keep Accelerating Your Business

There are two types of entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur A is someone who never stops exploring non-innovative ways to grow their business constantly. Entrepreneur B is the person who tirelessly talks about many ideas but makes no effort to take the first step. Who do you think will thrive? Of course, Entrepreneur A is more likely to … Read more

Ndidi Nonelli talks to startup founders about how to launch a successful startup

Yesterday, Nigerian entrepreneur Ndidi Nunelli spilled some powerful and insightful nuggets on the subject.”How to launch a successful startup. She was a speaker at the Future Forward 2.0 Techfair organized by Zenith Bank in Lagos, Nigeria. According to them, some important things that you need to know and questions that you should ask yourself before … Read more

Unicorns are outdated, and crickets are the new favorite of venture capitalists

Cockroaches are startups that can survive for a long time Winter financingLike the pests that can survive a nuclear war. Experts say that most startups go through the cockroach stage at least once, gaining experience and knowledge as well as developing strategies for their business. For startups that can’t survive without outside funding, the future … Read more