Black Widow fought Scarlett Johansson Captain America 4 Off-screen boss

The MCU has left many unresolved plot lines along the way, the most important of which is the thrill of Samuel Stearns to become the leader in Incredible Hulk. It’s been over ten years since actor Tim Blake Nelson first turned into a Hulk’s archenemySoon he will be back Captain America: New World Order. Under … Read more

Glenary Glen Ross is 30 years old

Released today thirty years ago, Tom Jolevy takes a look back at Glenary Glenn Ross, a major lesson in screen acting… The lights go out, the movie turns and everyone in the cinema (except for that guy) is silent in anticipation of what’s to come. The film must then control its audience. Cohesion between writer, … Read more

Each character has been confirmed and rumored to appear

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It’s been a long time. The first movie was a huge hit in 2018 – critically, financially and culturally. The movie became very important to many people and even helped the characters and its iconic location become an essential part of it. Avengers: Infinity War. distance The tragic loss of Chadwick … Read more

Tom Hanks thinks he’s made only four “very good” movies. who are they? | Tom Hanks

TOhm Hanks has written a novel. Create another masterpieceThe full follow-up to the 2017 Uncommon Type short story collection will be published in May. The novel apparently spans 80 years, and relates to a comic book that was eventually made into a movie. To accompany the announcement, Hanks released a brief statement, which is Hanks … Read more