Almiral joins FACILITATE, the patient-driven Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project to enable use of clinical trial data by study participants

Almirall brings expertise in matters of privacy and drug law, as well as in developing guidelines, standards, and recommendations for returning clinical trial data to patients. The project will last four years and involves 27 partners from 16 EU and non-EU member states, including patient associations, hospitals, universities, SMEs and members of the European Federation … Read more

Cuba’s informal market is finding new space on the growing internet

Comment on this story Suspension Havana – In our Telegram group chat, messages roll like waves. “I need ibuprofen and liquid acetaminophen, please,” one user wrote. “It’s urgent, it’s for my 10-month-old.” Others offer medicines brought in from outside Cuba, adding, “Write to me in a direct letter.” Lists dotted with emojis offer antibiotics, pregnancy … Read more

The son of ABQ, a Vice Admiral of the Navy was in the Pentagon during the September 11 attacks

Former US Navy Vice Admiral John Matczon (Courtesy of the Matczon family) Copyright © 2022 Albuquerque Magazine US Navy Vice Admiral John Matikzon was at the Pentagon when he was attacked by terrorists who flew a jet into the building on September 11, 2001. A doctor specializing in psychiatry, Matikzon immediately began tending to the … Read more

Addition of autologous tumor-loaded dendritic cell autografting to standard of care associated with clinical improvement in overall survival for patients with newly diagnosed, recurrent glioblastoma

1. In this phase 3 non-randomized controlled trial, among 331 patients, patients newly diagnosed with glioblastoma (nGBM) receiving dendritic cell immunization (DCVax-L) had a median overall survival of 19.3 months vs. 16.5 months in outpatients treated with standard of care. 2. Patients with recurrent glioblastoma (rGBM) had a median overall survival of 13.2 months from … Read more

Despite the recent downturn of Beijing Tong Run Tang Ltd., Insiders still made around HK$26,000 after the purchase earlier this year.

Insiders who bought Beijing Tong Run Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd (Hong Kong: 3613Stocks in the past 12 months are unlikely to be strongly affected by the stock’s 5.6% decline over the past week. Even after calculating the recent loss, the value of the HK$577K worth of shares bought is now equal to HK$603K or … Read more

Perceived discrimination linked to poor recovery after MI in Young’s

perceived discrimination – Unfair treatment because of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or other factors – A new study finds that everyday life was common among young survivors of myocardial infarction (MI) and was associated with worse recovery. In this study, patients completed three questionnaires to assess perceived discrimination, general mental and physical health, and … Read more

Dr. Odell Owens, longtime Cincinnati health leader, dies at 74

Dr. Odell Moreno Owens, Cincinnati’s longtime health leader, died Wednesday. He was 74 years old. He was just two weeks shy of his 75th birthday, and many remember Owens as a pioneer and social giant. He worked in the public service. Among his many notable positions over the years have been the Hamilton County Coroner, … Read more

For Billy T. Midnight, music is medicine

STILL STILL: Troy Mizzanot’s dream of a career in country music has been derailed, but today despite his disability, he’s finding happiness again. (The attached photo) Billy T. Midnight is an unforgettable name for a man born Troy Mizzano, who worked his way out of darkness into the light of redemption to shape his musical … Read more