Young workers prefer to work in companies with climate change policies

BOSTON — Despite a labor shortage desperately looking to hire and an economy wreaking havoc on bank accounts, young people are increasingly reluctant — or outright opposed — to working for a company that doesn’t have climate-friendly policies. The cultural shift in attitudes from previous generations shows that Gen Z and millennials are taking more … Read more

Astro Bob: Watch two space stations at dusk – ISS and Tiangong – Duluth News Tribune

Duluth – I recently posted about seeing the International Space Station at dusk. I hope you had a chance to spot this bright, moving “star” gliding silently across the night sky. The evening station “tours” to most Northern Hemisphere locations ends later this week before returning to the morning sky in the middle of the … Read more

Will gravitational waves solve one of the biggest mysteries in physics? (weekend feature)

“Gravitational waves will bring us wonderfully accurate maps of black holes — maps of space-time. These maps will show whether what we are dealing with are black holes as described in general relativity,” said the Nobel laureate, Caltech. Cape Thorne. Scientists at Cardiff University Gravity Exploration Institute They use the technologies behind one of the … Read more

The Minnesota Wildlife Hospital, one of the busiest in the world, plans to expand

One of the world’s busiest wildlife hospitals is housed in a crowded building in Roseville Park, receiving nearly 20,000 patients a year from sleeping cottontails to majestic trumpeting pelicans. After, after 20 years old, I’m out of space. The nonprofit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has purchased 22 acres in Grant City, Washington County, with ambitious plans … Read more

Rising Murray leads to Riverland farmers’ energy concerns as some elderly care residents in Renmark to be evacuated

Ben Taylor was seven years old when he saw the Murray River swell to peak levels in Riverland in 1974. the main points: Farmers worry about power outages as the Murray River rises The SA government says it is putting pressure on SA Power Networks to provide better communications and discretion Authorities will relocate a … Read more

A gas giant exoplanet twice as massive as Earth has been discovered: ScienceAlert

A newly weighed exoplanet has left astronomers baffled. After taking measurements of a very small, Jupiter-sized exoplanet called HD-114082b, scientists found that its characteristics didn’t quite match either of the two popular models of gas giant planet formation. Simply put, it’s just too heavy for its age. “Compared to currently accepted models, HD-114082b has two … Read more

The study looks at the millisecond pulses of pulsar PSR J1023+0038

Aqueye + light curve for PSR J1023 + 0038 observed Jan 2020, sagging every 10 seconds. The count rate is normalized at the maximum count rate. The vertical colored area indicates the visually determined ignition interval. Credit: Eliano et al., 2022 European astronomers have conducted X-rays and optical observations of a millisecond transition pulsar known … Read more

Identification of genes that maintain neuronal health

Summary: Kinase enzymes are essential for neurons to perform autophagy. The researchers found that deletion of the genes encoding the kinases NDR1 and NDR2 impairs neuronal health and induces neurodegeneration in both young and old mice. source: Francis Crick Institute Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute have discovered that deletion of two genes encoding key … Read more

Wildlife conservation jobs

Wildlife conservation needs people from multiple backgrounds to come together. | Image source: Getty Images / iStockphoto IIt seems that members of the workforce in the 21st century are increasingly open to exploring careers that were considered non-traditional only a decade ago. Wildlife conservation and protection is one area of ​​business and activity that can … Read more