UTS: ‘Super algae’ to save the planet – India Education | Latest Education News | global educational news

The new technology led by research from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will revolutionize the identification of ‘superalgae’, which hold the key to helping industry remove carbon quickly and greatly improve sustainability. Algae are microscopic aquatic plants that, when grown in a bioreactor, can absorb carbon from the atmosphere up to 40 times more … Read more

Space volcanoes: origins, variables and eruptions

Volcanoes represent some of the most interesting and violent geographical features on Earth, a force for destruction and creation. However, volcanic activity is not limited to our planet and space volcanoes are often found on other planets and moons. Within our solar system, the Moon and Mars are rich in evidence of volcanoes and fiery … Read more

Case for the Ultimate DC Universe

I have been serious about the influence of the disaster of darkness within the capital and what is going on on round it. For me, it is all about legacy, generations, previous, and future for the DC universe. For my part, this speaks on to each side of the followers surrounding DC Comics. The seismic … Read more

How black holes and galaxies play tug-of-war across the universe

Black holes and galaxies have a posh relationship. Astronomers imagine that just about each galaxy hosts an enormous black gap at its core. And whereas these black holes are actually big – weighing thousands and thousands and even billions of photo voltaic lots – they’re very small in comparison with their father or mother galaxies, … Read more

‘I was mentally on a different planet’

Troian Bellisario in her new film nationAnd conserving her campaigns out of the general public eye and giving beginning in a automobile. (Picture: Getty, Designed by Quinn Limmers) you welcome in very small methodsYahoo Stay Fatherhood and Motherhood The fun and challenges of elevating a baby sequence. There’s an excessive amount of synchronicity between the … Read more

UNU Professor, Entrepreneur Diving to the Bottom of Mariana Trench

Three months in the past, businessman and Professor Jim Kitchen on the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was gazing Earth from a rocket ship within the blackness of outer house. Subsequent week, he’ll discover the darkness of the ocean flooring within the Mariana Trench, the deepest recognized level on Earth. Kitchen, 57, calls … Read more