A brain circuit that supports movement speed control

Summary: A neural circuit has been identified that decodes the onset, duration, and abrupt change in movement speed. source: Karolinska Institutet Researchers at Karolinska have discovered how brain circuits encode the onset of movement, its duration, and its sudden change in movement speed. The study has been published in nervous. Movement — “moving” in the … Read more

Commentary: TSA faces ethical limits in the use of artificial intelligence. But work to improve technology must continue Opinion

Artificial intelligence has become a disruptive force in society. Terms like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks have become popular among mainstream media, sparking visions of innovation that have the potential to change our lives. At its core, AI attempts to mimic the capabilities of the human brain. Whether it’s computer vision, which focuses … Read more

Older adults live longer in counties with a greater age bias

Summary: Contrary to expectations, the researchers found that older adults living in countries with a greater age bias had better health outcomes than those living in countries with a lower age bias. The study found that older people tend to live longer in countries with negative attitudes towards the elderly. source: UMass According to University … Read more

Can AI help us tackle food insecurity and food waste?

(© Udra11 – Shutterstock) According to the World Economic Forum: Each of us throws away 74 kg (163 lbs) of food waste per person per year. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aim to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030. An AI program has been shown to reduce food waste in supermarkets by a … Read more

Meet ‘EDGE’: A diffusion-based AI model that produces realistic, long-form dance sequences conditioned by music

Many cultures place a high value on dance as a means of expression, communication, and socialization. However, producing new dances or dance animations is challenging because the dance moves are expressive and free while being carefully orchestrated by the music. In fact, this calls for either time-consuming manual animation or useless motion capture techniques. However, … Read more

Trapview: Could an AI-powered insect trap solve a $220 billion pest problem?

London CNN Business – Pests destroy 40% of the world’s crops each year $220 billion in economic losses, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Trapview is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to help tackle the problem. The Slovenian company has developed a device that catches and identifies pests, … Read more

Both public companies that control a large portion of SES AI Corporation (NYSE:SES) along with institutions must be dismayed after last week’s 12% drop.

Every investor in SES AI Corporation (New York Stock Exchange: SES) You must be aware of the strongest groups of shareholders. With a 25% stake, public companies own the maximum number of shares in the company. That is, the group will benefit the most if the stock goes up (or lose the most in the … Read more

AI and metaverse technologies enhance training and simplify the onboarding process for employees

Posted by Rehan Haque, CEO of metatalent.ai We live in a world where companies are constantly reinventing themselves to stay competitive. Automation and digitization goals figure in more than half of companies’ long-term corporate strategies today, according to PwC’s latest annual Global CEO Survey. This is why artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual worlds or related … Read more

AI at the IoT Edge is disrupting the industrial market

Transforming data at source aggregation minimizes latency and enables optimal processing of time-critical applications. Artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge of the network is the cornerstone that will influence the future direction of the technology industry. If artificial intelligence is the engine of change, then semiconductors are the oil driving the new era defined by … Read more