Apple restricted AirDrop in China before widespread protests broke out

Clarification: quartz Anti-government protests erupted in several Chinese cities and on university campuses over the weekend. But the country’s most widespread display of public dissent in decades will have to manage without an important communication tool, because Apple restricted its use in China earlier this month. AirDrop, the file-sharing feature on iPhones and other Apple … Read more

Where to watch the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

When you think of the phrase “America’s First Family,” you probably think of the President’s family. Whether it’s Joe and Jill Biden, or former presidential families like the Obamas, Clintons, or Kennedys, this label conjures up images of warmth, stability, and grace under pressure. In the movie, there is another “first family” that isn’t the … Read more

iPhone 15 Design Shock, iPhone Sneaky USB Hoax, Apple’s Huge Privacy Problem

Throwing back another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, This week’s Apple Loop includes new iPhone 15 design leaks, Apple’s hacked USB hoax, iPhone affected by Foxconn protests, iPad Pro vs. iPad Air, Apple’s latest privacy woes, Competition authorities Check out Apple Will Tim Cook buy Manchester United? The Apple Loop is here to … Read more

The first to hack the iPhone, the tech prodigy joins Musk’s Twitter to fix the search function

The game recognizes the game, and Elon Musk Brings talent to Twitter yet A large number of layoffs In the social media company that followed his takeover. George Hotez, who made a name for himself as one of the first people to jailbreak or hack IphoneJoin the 12-week training. The move came after Hotz shared … Read more

The best Black Friday Apple deals of 2022

These Black Friday Apple deals are more attractive than ever. (Images: Amazon, Walmart) Apple products rarely go on sale but for Black Friday 2022, deals are plentiful. RetailMeNot shopping expert Christine McGrath tells Yahoo that retailers love it WalmartAnd the AmazonAnd the targeting And the best buy It’s likely offering Apple’s lowest prices of the … Read more

Ukraine promises to provide shelter for its people with the onset of winter

“Invincible centers” to provide heating, water and the Internet Widespread power outages due to Russia targeting the electricity grid The Group of Seven will soon announce the ceiling for Russian oil prices – an American official Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine has promised shelters with heat and water and encouraged its people to conserve energy as … Read more

Mobile sports betting starts in Maryland on Wednesday

Governor Larry Hogan (R) with John Martin, director of the State Lottery and Gaming Monitoring Agency, at a statehouse news conference Tuesday. Photo by Bruce Duboit. The era of mobile sports dawned in Maryland on Wednesday. Beginning at 9 a.m., Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said Tuesday, gamblers will have their choice of seven mobile apps … Read more