College football rankings: Colorado drops The Bottom 25, changes coaching after losing in a winable game

25. State ball 2-3 I anticipate that we’ll see the major exodus of MAC teams out of the ratings as play begins at the conference. However, there are still plenty of MAC teams left this week, including the Ball State team that beat Northern Illinois 44-38. This week it’s another fight from the bottom 25 against the 20th in Central Michigan. (last week: 15) 24. Georgia Tech 2-3 Georgia Tech had a 1-0 lead in the post-Geoff Collins Era, but the first four games still counted, and a win over Pitt isn’t enough to take out all the bees. However, given how thin some of the lower ACC teams are, there is a chance for the Bees to win another one or two. (14) 23. Miami OH 2-3 Miami followed up their win over Northwestern with a 24-20 loss to Buffalo. What this says about Northwestern I’ll leave it to interpretation (not rated! PCs think it’s better than their score! Stop asking!). The Redhawks are having a tough test this week at home against Kent State. (unclassified) 22. The Army 1-3 I’m afraid the Army and Navy will rank me 25th lowest in the same week on the government’s watch list. The Knights join the fray after becoming Georgia State’s first win of the season last week, and now they’re on their way to take on Wake Forest. I swear I love America. (NR) 21. Bowling Green 2-3 Don’t look now, but the Hawks won two out of three. Unfortunately, the blast losses at UCLA and Mississippi, as well as those for eastern Kentucky still hold too much weight to escape our grasp. (16) 20. Central Michigan 1-4 The chips remain winless against the FBS competition after losing 38-17 to Toledo. They’re 0-4 in those games and are up 17 points per game. Perhaps they will be more competitive on their home ground against the No.25 Ball State. (NR) 19. Western Michigan 2-3 Our Michigan tour continues in the western part of the Mitten state. The Broncos scored a win over New Hampshire, which is great but not enough. This week is a big clash against Eastern Michigan. (10) 18. San Diego State 2-3 Losing to a Boise State who just fired their OC and lost their QB start to the transfer gate isn’t great visually, especially after the Aztecs jumped to a 13-0 lead. However, the offensive coordinator’s sending off afterwards felt a bit harsh, seeing as how the Aztecs were regressing into the third QB series for most of the match due to injuries. (NR) 17. ULM 2-3 It looks like the Warhawks have been celebrating their victory in the Ragin’ Cajuns contest for far too long. They excelled in a 45-28 loss to Arkansas State. Now they have to deal with Coastal Carolina. (25) 16. Georgia 1-4 I told you the Panthers would win soon, and they did just that, defeating the Army 31-14. The schedule doesn’t get much easier from here, though, as the Panthers get to South Georgia before hitting the road for Appalachians in a few weeks. (11) 15. Ohio 2-3 The Bobcats lost a fun game of overtime to Kent State 31-24. It was the kind of loss that made sure they were still in The Bottom 25 but also made me hopeful that they’d be able to work their way up. Perhaps his ascent begins this week with a victory over 6-seeded Akron. (23) 14. Northern Illinois 1-4 Is MAC fully rated this week!? number? Only eight of her 12 teams? Oh, well, two-thirds isn’t too bad, I guess. The Huskies fell to Bull State and are now 1-4, with Toledo next. Like last season, they play a lot of single-score matches. Unlike last season, they are losing it this year. (22) 13. Louisiana Tech 1-3 The Bulldog took the weekend and jumped to No. 13. Impressive stuff. This week they are back in action against an old friend UTEP. (18) 12. Navy 1-3 There was a chance the Navy would have rolled over the corner in their 23-20 win over East Carolina, and I still think that’s the case. Air Force is just a better team and I beat it 13-10. However, if the Navy plays like it did against ECU, I can see two more wins coming. (19) 11. UConn 2-4 Congratulations to the Husky family on their first victory over an FBS opponent since their victory over UMass in 2019. The Husky pulled off a upset 19-14 over Fresno. Could they make it to two places in a row against FIU No. 10 this weekend? (9) 10. Financial Intelligence Unit 2-2 The Panthers defeated New Mexico State 21-7 in the 25th lowest game of the century last week. Now they face No. 11 UConn in what will be the first game down the 25th century of the week in history to face two winning teams. This is correct; We’re making history this weekend, baby! (2) 9. South Florida 1-4 I don’t think Jeff Scott will be in Tampa any longer. After losing 48-28 to East Carolina, the Bulls are now 4-22 under Scott and only 1-15 in team play. Coaches with records like this rarely see the end of their third season, let alone the start of season four. USF’s next three games are against Cincinnati, Tulane, and Houston, so life isn’t about to get any easier. (13) 8. Utah 1-4 The good news is that the introduction of Cooper Legas at the start of QB sparked the Aggies attack. The bad news is that it wasn’t enough to avoid a 38-26 loss in BYU. However, there were enough signals during that game to lead me to believe that Utah State could score some victories before the end of the year. There will certainly be plenty of opportunities in the Mountain West region that is lacking an elite team. (12) 7. Charlotte 1-5 Team 49 of their UTEP mining counterparts lost 41-35 and are now 1-5 on the season. That’s bad, but the good news is that they looked more efficient in their last three matches than in the first three. They got a goodbye this week and will probably use it to tighten things up even more in the second half of the season. (7) 6. Akron 1-4 Akron’s 31-28 loss to Bowling Green was the most competitive loss of the season, so the zips can take some solace in that. They can also relish the fact that four of their last seven matches are against teams currently ranked at The Bottom 25, including this week’s game against No. 15 in Ohio. (6) 5. New Mexico 1-5 The Aggies were unable to start a winning streak against FIU, dropping 21-7. They’re going out this week to get ready for their big rivalry game against New Mexico. The loser leaves town. (8) 4. UMass 1-4 If the Minutemen are to score a second win this season, the next few weeks could be the pivotal extension. Their next three games will be against Liberty, Buffalo and New Mexico State at home. (5) 3. Hawaii 1-4 The Rainbow Warriors had halted the week, giving them extra time to prepare for a bottom 25 showdown against No. 18 San Diego State. (4) 2. Colorado 0-5 Arizona was one of the most winnable games remaining on the Colorado schedule. The Buffs lost 43-20. They have time off this week, so they’ll need it to know where to go. The next match will be at home against Cal on October 15th. (3) 1. Colorado 0-4 The Rams had off the week, giving them more time to lick their wounds after losing 41-10 to Sacramento State. They’re going to face Nevada this week in a huge grudge match that I really wanted to make as the game of the week, but Wolfpack fell out of the ratings. Goofs! (1)

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