Day 12 Primer – Collocations + McLellan’s List Cuts and Concessions

Happy Monday, Insiders!

The Kings are back on the ice this morning to begin their training camp home stretch. With the final week before camp became training, the Kings hit the ice in two sets once again, with the possibility of a shortened list on the horizon.

The Kings will have to make some tough decisions in the coming days, particularly regarding Balloline, as they prepare for Opening Night in eight days now. Today, we’ll see the bulk of the players vying for the final roster spots in Group A, though 10 players vying for NHL places, pair up with Group B in skating this morning, will be.

Here’s how kings are set to conform today –

Group A
Kevin Fiala – Anzi Kopetar – Adrien Quimby
Trevor Moore – Philip Danault – Victor Arvidson
Alex Yavalo – Rasmus Kupari – Arthur Kaliev
Brendan Lemieux – Blake Liszot – Karl Grundstrom
Garrett Anderson Dolan – Not Anderson – Gabe Velardi

Mickey Anderson – Drew Dottie
Sean Walker – Matt Roy
Alex Adler – Sean Dorzy
Tobias Björnfoot РJordan Spence

Jonathan Quick
Cal Petersen

group b
Alan Quinn – TJ Tynan – Samuel Fajimo
Austin Wagner – Akil Thomas – Tyler Madden
Justin Knachbauer, Samuel Helenius, Martin Kromiak
Nate Thompson – Aidan Dudas – Taylor Ward
Jacob Doty

Jacob Mofrier – Brandt Clark
Toby Besson – Helge Granz
Kim Nousiainen – Frederic Allard
Tyler Inamoto – Cameron Jones
Cameron Supreca

Matt Villata
Phoenix Copley
David Hrinak

*Quinton Bayfield is sick day in and day out and is not included in either group today.

Ontario Reign’s AHL training camp is set to begin in the coming days, which will coincide with the massive drawdown we’ve seen in the past years. Ontario is having its first pre-season game this weekend, so we’ll likely see a respite from camp for the minor league group tomorrow or Wednesday.

McClellan would like to lower the list in the coming days
The MLS team will start camp [this week], so I think at this point, you’re likely to see a large group of players set in Ontario Reign. The luxury of owning your own [AHL] The team here right now is that we’re all in the same training camp, and we share a facility. Players have already found homes, knowing that they are going to play on one of the two teams and advance as one big group. We’ve split the set up with a little forward-thinking in mind, if you will, so the official transcript might come if that’s what you’re looking for fairly early this week.

When using Kupaii, Vilardi and Fagemo on the streak last night when the three players were vying for places on the roster
When we look at some of the other streaks, there are players that we wanted to keep together, so now, we look at the rest, we put them together, and the three are vying for positions. The three are utility guys, they can move from one location to another and I thought all three had a good nights. The evaluation will continue practically tomorrow and the following day and beyond. You know, the unfortunate thing is that not everyone can play, and we’re only allowed like everyone else with so many rosters places which is cruel, but that’s a fact of the pro sports fact. Someone will be here and the other will not be and they will act over time.

When considering waiver eligibility for potential listing moves
That would be a much better question for Rob and the management group, about the timing of the assignment, who goes and when and what releases. I’m not privy to that, we’ll talk about who we might want to keep and who we don’t, but in terms of timing and what not, my experience is that every team is worried about losing players on concessions this time of year, 32 of them. Again, not everyone can play, you only get 23 locations, so inevitably, some players have to compromise.

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