Device Harmony Platform from Kandji to manage macOS

After launching in 2019, to help organizations manage their Apple fleet, Kandji went to work on additional issues. today, Kanji It announced its new platform Device Harmony, which aims to bridge the gap between Information Technology Corporation and InfoSec, so they can really work together to keep every Apple user safe and productive.

“Historically, IT and InfoSec teams have pursued their mandates independently — InfoSec secured the company and its users, while IT made sure all technologies worked,” said Adam Pettit, founder and CEO of Kandji. “But today, IT and InfoSec teams must work together to keep their company and their users safe and productive. To win now, these teams need shared data and systems.”

Kandji’s Device Harmony platform enables IT and InfoSec capabilities not previously available within the Kandji platform: device management, vulnerability management, endpoint detection and response, endpoint visibility, and endpoint compatibility. The new platform provides the intelligence, automation, and workflow needed to support IT and IT teams working across multiple functions.

“With Device Harmony, these teams can unlock a holistic view of each endpoint and create a shared reality between IT and InfoSec, so they can identify and address risks within a single platform, reducing the gap between identifying and addressing problems,” Pettit continued. “Now, IT and InfoSec teams can work together to navigate their fleets and take action, while providing users with the most elegant authentic Apple experience while maintaining a robust security posture.”

Kanji Harmony Device

vulnerability management

IT and InfoSec need vulnerability information related to device management so they can address issues faster. Device Harmony’s Vulnerability Manager provides a complete view of vulnerabilities across macOS, a description, date, and severity of each one, the affected software, and the devices on which that software is located. From there, teams can immediately take action to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerability by using Kandji to upgrade apps, block apps, or run app uninstall scripts as needed. Instead of taking a periodic scanning approach, Kandji uses a lightweight service built into the Kandji Agent that runs on your Mac. Kandji takes advantage of Apple’s Endpoint Security framework and listens to app-related events to determine if new vulnerabilities have been introduced or patched — providing real-time insights into vulnerabilities.

Endpoint detection and response

IT and information security teams must have access to the same data and systems so that threats can be detected and responded to as quickly as possible, without negatively impacting productivity. Device Harmony’s Endpoint Detection and Response provides advanced threat detection for your Mac from the moment you start up. Kandji Agent monitors all files and apps on your Mac in real time, providing a detailed view of detected events. From there, the Kandji agent terminates the malicious processes and quarantines any files involved in them.

Kandji’s approach combines pre-implementation and post-implementation methods to create a solution that can catch almost all types of malware. It reduces the risk of malware execution and the inability of security software to stop it in time or at all. Post-implementation methodologies detect threats without having to see malware beforehand. They are based on the typical actions that malicious code takes during execution.

All of Kandji’s Device Harmony functionality, including endpoint detection and response, device management, and vulnerability management, will be deployed through Kandji’s own agent. Kandji Agent is designed to fit perfectly on macOS as it was built with Swift. Kandji’s Device Harmony platform takes advantage of Apple technologies available exclusively for mobile device management (MDM) solutions, ensuring that Kandji agents can be installed and activated at all times.

Vulnerability management and endpoint detection and response are currently available to select preview clients. General availability will be made available to all customers in the coming weeks. In early 2023, Device Harmony will release endpoint vision and endpoint compatibility.

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