Does Atlantic think LeBron James should be allowed to play in the WNBA?

clerk for Atlantic Ocean The magazine recently used a story about a teenage girl who wanted to play soccer in high school to argue against her the classroom Sports by gender.

In her article, Maggie Mertens acknowledges the sexual differences between men and women in sports. But she claims that “researchers today still do not know to what extent this can be attributed to biological difference versus the lack of support provided to female athletes to reach their highest potential.”

Mertens believes that a single mathematical case and many allusions to “science” questioning the biological differences between the sexes are enough to destroy the entire concept of gender binary.

The dominant narrative about transgender people has moved from gender identity disorder and clinical discussions of mental health disorders to cultural conversations about gender identity, personal pronouns, and affirmation. The final step in the colonization of public policy and social norms is the elimination of the reality of biological differences between men and women.

Mertens took to Twitter to justify her views by linking to an article claiming intersex cases that prove the idea of ​​genders is “too simplistic.”

The truth is that rare genetic cases reconfirm bisexualinstead of challenging it. There is no third sex or third gamete. And “minor” differences between the sexes are well established.

Mertens denies this reality When she claimed that scientists challenged the belief that, on average, boys are bigger, stronger, and faster than girls. But as the saying goes, “That’s why they play the game.”

Florence Griffith Joyner is generally known as the fastest woman in history. Its time is 10.49 seconds in 100m dash It’s still a world record for runners, but it’s not even among the 6000 best for men.

Professional basketball is no different. The WNBA shared a video in 2017 of every immersion in the league’s 20-year history up to that point.

The video Its length was 71 seconds.

The USA women’s soccer team – the winner of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup – dominates the field when facing players from all over the world. It doesn’t matter teenage boys who defeated the Pro women almost twice in a 2017 match.

Mertens will likely repeat this line from her article to explain those findings:

[T]Hogg gender differences in sports Show benefits for menResearchers today still don’t know to what extent this can be traced back to biological differences, versus the lack of support provided to female athletes to reach their highest potential.

In the realm of radical gender ideology, testosterone seems to be a social construct.

The inner workings of the human mind are complex. This is why the gender debate focuses so much on how people work “Identify” Depending on whether they “feel” like a man or a woman.

The external functioning of the human body is much simpler and easier to detect. A guy can either do a 250-pound bench press or he can’t. Either the woman has a 40-inch vertical jump or she doesn’t.

Despite the rarity of these measures of performance, all people with such athletic ability from another world are men. Acknowledging this fact is not sexist. She respects female athletes for their immense talent on the basis of their own merits, and not in comparison to their male peers.

The Atlantic, like many other left-dominated institutions, believed that he could create the world of his choosing out of nowhere.. This drive reflects a divine complex common to people who cannot accept a world in which there are differences in outcomes across groups.

It’s easier for them to do it Reformation Cultural norms in their own image appreciate the fact that men and women – designed by their Creator – are equal in value and dignity, but differ in form and function.

In the end, the girl in the story did not join the team. Although her school agreed to her request to play, she quit because she was upset about the exams she had to take before she was declared eligible to compete.

I hope you continue to enjoy your soccer game, but it’s hard to miss the irony of an article arguing that teenage girls are strong enough to play soccer with boys, and the champ ends up resigning because her feelings were hurt by adults.

Human nature is still undefeated.

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