Giants Cowboys Score, Fast Food: Cooper Rush, Dallas Attack Comes Alive Late to Win NFC East Battle

The Giants weren’t defeated any more. The Cowboys were able to come to MetLife Stadium and hand their rival NFC East their first loss of the season by winning 23-16 in “Monday Night Football”.

This game was slow over the first two quarters, with both teams only managing three field goals heading into the locker room at the end of the first half. However, a combined 30-point lead was scored in the second inning, which led to Dallas’ withdrawal thanks to a 17-0 streak that ran from the tail end of the third quarter to the early stages of the fourth. Travon Diggs then set the dagger in New York by picking Daniel Jones with just over a minute to play on the roster.

Cooper Rush continued to keep Dallas on the winning side and was on standby throughout the prime-time affair. He fell 31 times and completed 21 of his passes for 215 yards and touchdowns. On the flip side, Jones was 20 of 37 passing for 196 yards and picking one. He also rushed nine times for 79 yards.

For a more in-depth breakdown of how this game unfolds, check out the main takeaways below.

Why did the cowboys win?

Cooper Rush continues to impress as the primary initiator of the Cowboys as Dak Prescott Continues to recover from a thumb injury He struggled in Week 1. The moment was never too big for Rush, even as the early parts of the game were low-scoring and the Cowboys made a few self-imposed fouls. He made a number of timely throws, including landing a clutch to CeeDee Lamb to take the lead in the fourth quarter (more on that play in our turning points) that proved to be the green light. Part of that credit should be given to Rush’s success on the Dallas offensive line, which kept him relatively intact in the evening as the Giants scored zero sacks and only two quarterback hits.

Speaking of O-line, Jason Peters wasted no time in making an impact after being promoted to the active roster for this game. He made huge passes for Dallas’ backs to cut plays extending to the left side of the line, which included a 46-yard run by Tony Pollard in the second quarter.

At night, Tony Pollard-Ezekiel Elliott averaged 6.3 yards per carry.

Meanwhile, it was a get-rich-quick story for Lamb, who landed handily in the second quarter but redeemed himself with a late fall light. In his first seven runs of the night, Lamb caught only four passes for 39 yards. In what proved to be a game win, he rose to WR #1 and earned four passes for 48 yards and a touchdown.

As for defense, he gave New York all-night spells, particularly dash passes. On top of the five sacks he was able to beat Daniel Jones, Dallas pressed QB to nearly half of his drop points and had him constantly swerve out of place, resulting in either a stampede or Jones throwing the ball away.

It wasn’t a perfect night for Dallas, as she had eight penalty kicks for 70 yards and let the Giants hang around when there were opportunities to clear them early. However, none of these blunders proved wrong, and now the Cowboys are 2-1 this year.

Why did the giants lose?

The theme of the Monday night Giants was their inability to grab the low hanging fruit. There were periods throughout this match where I felt like the Cowboys were basically giving them the victory, but they simply couldn’t capitalize.

One such example came on the first offensive possession during which a penalty shootout on Dallas prevented what could have been a triple and went out and kept the drive alive. New York brought the ball to the Cowboys’ 29-yard line, but proceeded to throw three consecutive incompletes and the field goal attempt was blocked.

When they came out in the second half, the Giants were running 10-0 and taking the lead for the first time, but they couldn’t absorb Dallas’ counter-hit as they went to successive touchdown drives. During this stretch where the Cowboys put 14 unanswered, the New York offense made seven plays and held the ball for only 1:43 in two runs.

Even in the final minutes of the game, the Cowboys failed to survive after Rush completed third and seventh by Rush to Jake Ferguson, returning the ball to New York with 1:45 left in regulation and a touchdown. With no timeout in their pocket, traveling all the way to the end zone of their 9-yard line would have taken a miracle, but it was just another situation where Dallas wasn’t quite buttoned up and allowed New York a chance, which she couldn’t grab in the end.

On top of the situational errors, the Giants’ offensive line struggled to contain the Dallas pass rush and Daniel Jones was under siege all night. He was sacked five times and put pressure on 43% of his dropouts in this match. On the flip side, the New York front seven couldn’t disrupt Cooper Rush at all.

The Giants were also wounded on the ground, with Elliott and Pollard meeting for 178 yards on 28 chariots.

turning point

The Giants took their first lead of the match thanks to an impressive touchdown led by Saquon Barkley, and felt the momentum began to sway in the direction of New York. However, Dallas was quick to match the scoring drive to one of his own, walking 75 yards down the field in nine plays. Elliott set out to land at the 1-yard line to lead the game at 13 points.

Dan Quinn’s defense was then forced into a 45-second lead by a Giants offense, and the Cowboys proceeded to reach the finish zone for the second time in a row. This time, driving took them 11 plays to travel 89 yards and finished with a great one-handed grab by Lamb in the corner of the end zone. That first touchdown to start what would become a 17-0 run for the Cowboys to end the game was tremendous in breathing any sort of momentum for New York in what could have turned into a rowdy atmosphere at MetLife Stadium.

play the game

Admittedly, one-handed lamb hunting is the best game in the game, but we gave that Dallas enough shine. 1B in terms of best plays came from Barkley, who scored the first touchdown in the game to give New York the only lead in the game. He took the first and 10 deliveries of the Dallas 36 and eliminated a couple of potential opponents in the middle of the field before turning left and running for the touchdown.

according to next generation statsBarkley faced eight defenders in the penalty area and gained +31 yards in a faster-than-expected run while sprinting. Barkley now leads the NFL in an above-expected rush, outpacing Browns star Nick Chap. This was also the longest touchdown for Barkley since Week 17 of the 2019 season

What’s Next

From here, the Cowboys will return to Dallas and await the Washington captains for their first two games of the season. This could be the game too Where is Dak Prescott back Under center after losing time due to a thumb injury. As for the Giants, they will wrap up their home game three when they host the Chicago Bears.

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