Gutvoid – Lightless Horizons Performance Review

A full debut for a young movie can be exciting on many levels. You are there at the birth of something, the starting point on a march to unknown fortunes. Sometimes you can smell greatness even in early business, other times humble beginnings offer no hint of great things to come. Toronto promotional materials Gotvoid Don’t be shy about promising big things for this cocky metallic outfit. Words like ‘Titanic’ and ‘Astral’ are omitted and a lot of noise is created for them The permanence of lightless horizons. And there’s some truth to the (one-off) PR murmur, as what the band offers is full of potential and the promise of big things. At times, the standard mix of death and agony that the band operates on is sometimes intriguing and unpredictable. The level of talent is high and there is a constant feeling that they are in contact with greatness and are ready to drop the hammer of greatness on you as only the best do. But there are trials and tribulations awaiting every young band, and a long way to reach the top if you want to finish dying.

The method of opening a “gas chiseled string coil” to quickly wrap its oily, crusty tentacles around you and begin to drag you into the saltwater tide is an ingenious method. Exotic keyboards are a nice touch and used in moderation for maximum effect. Remember the booming roar of Brendan Dean’s death swallow the sunMiko Kutamaki and the Reeves flowing out of the mud, meandering fawns to bolt ejector Tank attack mode in a flash. There is a lot going on on the song for about 10 minutes and most of it is very good. The brew of melodic and motley guitar lines is amazing and works the tides. It runs a long time, but the ride is very good. Follow-ups like “In Caverns It Lurks” and “Delivered to the Altar Lich” use the same template but with somewhat diminishing returns. There are great, unforgettable bits and pieces on both tracks, in reference to that Weatherscape And the early days AmorphisBut the whole is less than the sum of its parts and there is a sense of detachment that strikes me at certain points. I like what I hear at any given moment but not necessarily the songs themselves. They both feel stretchy as well, with a noticeable pull at the end.

It didn’t happen until “Skeletal Glyph” Gotvoid Totally unleash the listener, tap into the advanced tendencies previously only hinted at and go all out with an adventurous brain blast that feels like a cross between Shrinker And the worship of legends of death Demilic. Uber’s brutal death sounds tumble into loud, tangled tones and sloppy rhythms, and the song swings and flops like a dying colossal squid. It’s this song more than any other song that reveals what Gotvoid They are capable of it and what the future may hold for them. It’s both impressive and frustrating, like most Durance Feels overly restrained and secure in comparison. The Mammoth “Wandering Dungeon” closest to 15 minutes sums up all the potential and pitfalls of Gotvoid expertise. There are many pleasant moments – exuberance cut off here, change of time there. Things jump around and make you guess, but there is a tendency to settle into flail patterns and the last 3-4 minutes are basically that kind of fuzz. It’s not a great song but the good parts are powerful enough to get you listening anyway. in 54 minutes Durance Feels lengthy and bulges affect most songs. Carve out 10 minutes of this beast and you’ll have a completely different experience.

Gotvoid They are clearly a talented group. Danielle Bonofiglio and Brendan Dean are highly skilled country writers who are good at crafting a dark and stormy setting with contrasting yet still mysterious playing. They create infernal and scary vibes all over this thing and can evoke dark feelings with their best self. Dean is a top tier Death Singer as well, going from level to hell level and getting close to the core of the earth at times. Justin Bohm Bass is very present and factor into the band’s sound, adding a beefy anchor and darker edge. There isn’t much to touch on them outside of the Art of Restraint and Songcraft itself. They try to inject too much mass into each composition, pull and lengthen things too far and fill in the gaps with impulsive, overly repetitive thoughts. Fortunately, this is a correctable condition (if your name isn’t Metallica).

The permanence of lightless horizons He teases him with a cosmic of a promise but he never fully delivers. Gotvoid They are a squad that is still testing their legs and finding their stride and with some time and restraint, they are able to bring down an eating world upon us. I recommend Durance Down payment on this promise. It’s not perfect and has ugly warts, but the writing is on the wall and it’s an amusing read, warts and everything.

evaluation: 3.0 / 5.0
Dr: 9 | Format revised: 256 kbps mp3
a poster: blood harvest
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Worldwide versions: September 23, 2022

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