“I don’t know how to contain myself!”

the sound It’s been on the air for long enough now that there are kids who have literally grown up with the show — like 17-year-old superfan Gillian Jordan, who made it to Season 22 on Tuesday, Blind Auditions enthusiastically raises their prized antiques. voice Karaoke machine/CD player, owned by her since the age of eight. “I wanted to be on this show for a long time. I dreamed of this moment,” she gushed. “I’m so excited to be here, it doesn’t even seem real!”

However, during all those years I dreamed of it big voice During her audition, Jillian was always worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep her calm if she actually turned the coach’s chair. “I don’t know how to contain myself,” she admitted. “I don’t understand how people don’t scream. Like, how is that possible? “

Superfan Jillian Jordyn Is Very Excited To Try The & # 39;  The Voice & # 39;  Season 22 (Image: NBC)

Superfan Jillian Jordyn is very excited to audition for season 22 of The Voice. (Image: NBC)

By the time Jillian took to the stage to sing the Julia Michaels song, she was reacting positively to what coach Camila Cabello would later describe as “the energy of Julia Michaels.” Jillian kept it together at first; In fact, her skillful handling of difficult, fluttering phrases in poetry John Legend (who called Gillian “psychedelic”) and Gwen Stefani so amazed her that they turned around so early.

But… they might have turned around very early. As John noted, “Gillian, that was wild, because as soon as we turned around, I kind of shook!”

“I told myself I wouldn’t do it – and I did!” Jillian laughed, freely acknowledging her panicked reaction.

Gillian’s performance then went, as Gwen puts it, “off rails”, as her vocals and sharpness grew painfully sharp. Jillian’s “issues” have some audio issues. Well, at least I refrained from screaming.

Jillian Jordyn is pumped for her'  The Voice & # 39;  Season 22 audition.  (Photo: NBC)

Jillian Jordyn was cast to audition for The Voice for season 22. (Image: NBC)

John and Gwen could They regretted their triggering actions after they converted prematurely, but then asked Gillian what kind of artist she wanted to be. And Jillian immediately displayed a surprisingly balanced and calm reaction. “I want to be an influential artist,” she said proudly, “I want to be the artist that people feel they can relate to.

“Wow, you really are Think About it!” Gwen wondered. “Honestly, I’d love to have said that,” John said. I really like you. … would love to have this vision for yourself. “

Jillian becomes nervous again when host Carson Daly orders her to choose between coaches, but the sweet and honest girl “goes with her heart” and eventually joins Gwen’s team. Gwen has already worked with young Julia Michaels, and is great at helping teen artists find a foothold, so this was the best possible outcome.

“You’ve probably never seen TV before. You’re 17, and that’s a lot. And this show is going to be a lot. But I’m here to help you,” confirmed Gwen, who described Gillian as ‘ready to shape.’ If Jillian can get her nerves under control, she might get a bullet. We hope for all those hours of practicing in her childhood bedroom with Season 5 voice The karaoke machine will pay off.

Season 22 is shaping up to be one of the series’ youngest seasons – perhaps the influence of Camilla, the series’ second youngest coach. voice Date at the age of 25, join the committee this year. Here are the other young auditors who made it through Tuesday:

Austin Montgomery, 19: ‘I Can’t Help You (If I’m Still in Love with You)’

Some self-described “old souls” the sound, Those covering what Austin called “the songs everyone’s grandfather knows,” can come across as new and amazing acts. (See: Last year’s Elvis impersonator, Pedi Chaves.) But Austin, Gwen said, “looked like he was out of the past.” His rich baritone and stage presence made him sound like the real deal. “Our generation has no voices like yours,” Camilla said frantically.

Who turned? Gwen, Camilla and Blake Shelton.

result: Blake Team Absolutely. Blake may not recognize most of the songs covered on that show, but he was the only coach on the committee who knew Austin was singing Hank Williams’ tune. We can do it right,” Blake told Austin. Gwen and Camilla never got a chance.

Dia Malai, 26: “Real Love”

This proud Queens girl displayed a lot of daring, angering the crowd and pushing people out of their seats as if she was rocking the stadium. The lady was “incredibly cute,” Gwen said, and she was a real star. I think if coaches can do it I have seen Her performance, they all wanted her.

Who turned? Only John, who said, “I feel so lucky that I don’t have to fight for you!” Blake and Gwen lamented not being flip-flopping – as they should have been.

result: Legend team.

Penny Wig: “Shivers”

Ed Sheeran’s cover of this contestant montage barely got any time on the air, but Blake told him, “Your tone of voice is great, and I think your pocket was really good.” Blake rarely presses his button on pop artists like Penny, so this guy probably has potential. we will see.

Who turned? Just Blake. “That was a surprising turn from you,” Camilla told Blake. “I can tell he’s from Montana just by listening to him,” Blake explained sarcastically.

result: Blake’s team.

Grace Bello, 21: “Ghost”

This aptly named performer made an ethereal piano version of Bieber bop, which of course Blake would not have recognized under any circumstances. (Blake actually thinks “MMMBop” was written by Justin Bieber.) But even Blake couldn’t resist Grace’s “magical” voice. “I don’t know if there would be anything different and more strange than if you had chosen me as your coach,” he suggested. Meanwhile, Blake’s eligible wife, Gwen, told Grace, “I’ve been able to get a softer in your voice and really listen to the words of what you have to say. … There’s no one on my team who can run the way you do.” John compared Grace’s light-hearted style and tone of flexibility with Season 16 winner, Mylene Jarmon, and perhaps the most qualified coach ever, Pilipper acknowledged Camilla, praising Grace’s “angelic” voice and comparing Grace to last season’s coach, Ariana Grande.

Who turned? All four coaches.

result: Camila’s team of course.

Come back next Monday for the final round of Season 22 of Blind Auditions, after which the battle rounds will begin.

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