Medicine Valley hosts a triangle

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Face the Medicine Valley Raiders Arapahoe Warriors in the first game of the triangle. The Raiders, so far this season, have a 9-5 record and are looking to add a winning column while the Warriors come in with an 8-8 record.

In the first group, the Conquistadors, who had a court advantage on their own land, made rapid advances early. The Warriors made their first match very competitive by scoring consecutive points and ended up with the game tied at 23 pieces. The Raiders’ Stella Heapy got a huge kill when she counted more, and put them by one, and in the next possession later, the Warriors failed to get the ball over the net, and the Raiders took the first set, 25-23.

Having picked up momentum in the second set, Medicine Valley is back on another hot start in the first part of the second set.

Some big hits from Milla Farr with a few spikes and net protection with a few blocks got the Raiders soaring comfortably, 23-16. Arapahoe wasn’t pulling away easily as they scored the next five out of six to make it 24-21, but it was another big block for the Raiders as they completed two sweeps for nothing.

Arapahoe tries to get into the winning column, but they have a tough job against Paxton. Paxton enters this game with a score of 15-4. Initially in the first set, the Tigers came out of the gates quickly to lead 5-1. The Warriors gathered themselves from a few good plays by Emerson Swanson to tie things up in the ninth. The Tigers had an answer of their own with Audrey Holm, who had a few significant plays, bringing the Tigers back into prominence. With the Warriors relegated, Sabrina Jacobson scored to give the Warriors a 22-20 lead. Paxton scored five points without an answer to win the first set 25-22.

In the second set, the battle continued back and forth. As it was between 16 and 17, Tigers’ Savannah McMahon got the spike, giving them a two-point lead. This momentum started for the Tigers as they scored six points in a row to give them a 23-16 lead. It was enough for Paxton to take the win, 25-18, to complete a two-set sweep for nothing.

Medicine Valley Raiders face the Paxton Tigers in the Triangle Final. Both teams with a win under their belt are looking to remain unbeaten in this triangle.

In the first set it was good to start things off, and both teams were tied for 11.

The Conquerors got hot when they went all the way toward the end of the group to be 22-19.

The match was tied by two points, with the Raiders gaining one match point when they committed a violation in Medicine Valley that cost them a point. The time is now 24-23.

In the next possession, Remington Stout came out with a huge height that Paxton couldn’t handle, and they won by one set.

Going to two mode, as against that, both teams showed up and were very competitive. The match was tied at 17, and the Tigers had enough that Audrey Holm had some points in time to finish what was 8-2 to finish the set 25-19.

The third and final group! This was the closest game to date, with tigers and invaders having a massive battle. Paxton took a 6-3 lead early in the set, which was answered with an 8-0 run to make him 11-6 for the Raiders. The home crowd loved it and pushed the raiders as hard as they could, but the Tigers fought their way back with 14-6 runs of their own to take a three-point lead, 20-17. Both teams were swinging back and forth, and the changers ended up timing the game at 22. The momentum of the trading point swung back and forth; One minute it looked like raiders, the next minute like tigers. Drawn at 25 with both teams sharing their match points, Paxton Tiger dug deep, found far and ended up winning the match 27-25 to win the group by two sets to one.

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