Mosyle aims to improve enterprise Mac deployment for new users

Mosile Apple’s latest ecosystem services company within the enterprise to produce a new tool for the hardware deployment workflow for Mac. I spoke with the company’s CEO, Alcyr Araujo, who believes – as many do – that Macs have become a leader in the world of business IT.

What’s new in Mosyle?

Now available in beta for Mosyle Fuse customers, Mosyle Embark is designed to allow IT teams to boost protection and compliance from the start when using new Macs. It does this by instructing and informing employees as they configure their new Mac.

The company explains that Mosyle Embark launches immediately upon registration into a Mac or the first Mosyle Auth authentication. Among other tasks, it checks to ensure that the Mac has enough battery power to complete any installation, and then presents users with a visualization of the progress of each task the Mac performs during setup. Your Mac might update software, for example, or the MDM Settings app. (End users also receive a reminder not to turn off their Mac during a restart.)

While seasoned Mac users know almost exactly what happens during the setup and software installation process, new users know less.

Mosyle’s solution represents the understanding that in many cases, enterprise workers may only be at the beginning of their Apple journey and won’t necessarily know what seems obvious to more experienced users. This presents a particular challenge for first-time remote workers, with Mosyle Embark likely to have the greatest impact. In the long run, it may help reduce IT stress during deployments as the Mac will tell the user what’s going on.

Araujo: Apple’s adoption accelerates

Araujo sees the rate of deployment of Apple devices into the enterprise accelerating: “From small to large businesses, we continue to see strong growth among all sizes of commercial customers. New small and medium customers continue to come in increasing numbers month by month, while existing customers continue to add new Apple devices strongly to their fleets.

“Enterprise customers continue to expand their Apple fleets in ways that make us believe we are only now in the early days of the migration era.

“Larger companies, after listening to employee preferences and learning about advanced enterprise tools from Apple and specialized endpoint software providers from Apple, have begun to update computers with Macs, which should continue in the coming years. Ultimately, Macs will become A leader in the enterprise.”

The ecosystem is growing

Apple continues to develop its operating systems to meet the needs of enterprise customers. lock mode It may attract attention, but technologies such as APIs that enable MDM services, Deeper Security Protectionimprovements in MDM supportAnd the Managed Device Authenticationeven Apple Business Essentials Basic improvements Apple Component All are evidence of the company’s focus on supporting these markets.

The industry seems to be taking note. “The evolution of the Apple enterprise ecosystem has been impressive, particularly over the past three years,” Araujo said. Apple has extensively developed and released many improvements for critical enterprise needs, such as device management, authentication, and peripheral security. “

These improvements are enabling innovation from partners like Moysle, Kandji, Jamf, and others – providing a supportive ecosystem that now appears to go beyond what was there before.

“Our dedicated Apple enterprise providers have used all their expertise to build unique, integrated offerings for Apple devices that are now much better, cheaper, and easier to use than any single solution or combination of solutions available for PC,” he said.

“The introduction of user registration years ago and subsequent improvements by Apple, combined with the great work of Apple’s top dedicated enterprise providers, have created the perfect solution to the age-old BYOD problem. Currently, there is no reason for any company or employee to Not feeling comfortable using their Apple device at work.”

Evolution continues

“When you stop to think about the number of iPhones now in the pockets of employees around the world, it’s amazing. Combine this idea with the potential of those devices to help employees and businesses achieve more with flexibility and defined limits, it’s hard not to be optimistic,” Araujo said. on the future of Apple and BYOD”.

“We expect that within a few years, nearly every iPhone for business will be used in a safe and private way.”

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