NBA Media Days – The best quotes from around the league as teams start the 2022-23 season

NBA training camps and the 2022-23 season are just around the corner, and players and coaches are set to preview their team’s upcoming campaigns at their media days this week.

For some teams, this year’s Media Day will be the first introduction to some big off-season additions. Among them is the new shooting guard for the Atlanta Hawks Dignity MurrayThe new shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers Donovan Mitchell The New Minnesota Timberwolves Center Rudy Gobert. Each of them will meet the Reporters for the first time as a member of their new teams.

This year’s junior class will also kick off their NBA Media Day. Comprehensive first choice Paulo Banchero He’ll get some time with the Orlando Magic’s winning reporters talking about his summer league performances as he prepares for his first NBA training camp.

The same goes for Jabbari Smith Jr.. From the Houston Rockets, Keegan Murray From the Sacramento Kings and a handful of other starters who are expected to immediately help their teams this year.

Then there are some veteran teams that will have some serious questions and concerns to deal with the start of the season. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, who are both under the pressure of being serious contenders to win now this year, got a lot of media attention last year for all the wrong reasons.

LeBron James And the Russell Westbrook They will have to explain to Lakers reporters why they came back from last year’s loss campaign.

while, Kevin Durant And the Keri Irving They will have to respond to an outburst of distraction off the field and a close-knit exit in their first media appearance since their playoff exit last season.

Here’s what players are talking about as media days kick off across the league:

September 25

Giannis: Steve is the best player in the world

for the star bucks Giannis AntikonmoThe debate over the best player in the NBA is simple.

He does not consider himself the best player currently in the league because his team failed to win the championship last season. Therefore, he was willing to concede this honor to a Warriors star Stephen Curry While that.

“I think the best player in the world is the last man standing,” Antetokounmpo said Sunday afternoon at Media Bucks’ Day. “He’s the one who takes his team to the finals, the finish line and helps them win the match. … That’s how I see it. I think the best player in the world is Steve Curry.”

Antetokounmpo, who was named the No. 1 NBArank player on ESPN, admitted he is one of the best players in the league and could have claimed the top spot after the Bucks won the 2021 NBA Finals. But after Milwaukee lost in the second round of the playoffs last season in a seven-game series Against the Boston Celtics, he failed to score.

Antetokounmpo also finished third in the NBA MVP vote after averaging 29.9 points, 11.6 rebounds and 5.8 assists last season, but cited individual awards failure compared to the excitement of winning the NBA Finals.

“The feeling I got, it was a beautiful feeling,” he said. “I was so jealous of the Golden State, seeing them on the show and the ESPYs. You know that feeling now. You know what you’re getting stripped of.”

– Jamal Collier

Can the warriors bring it back? “They want to try it again”

After the 2021-22 NBA Championship, the Golden State Warriors repeated several times that this title was different due to their journey through the hardships of the past three seasons. Their fourth tournament in eight years was Manifest: Dynasty has not been During.

Now, the heroes are ready to prove themselves again.

“I don’t think it’s the same chip [on our shoulders]. I’d be lying to you if I told you it was. But there are chips. There are chips. There is no shortage of chips, I can tell you that,” Draymond Green Sunday said. “It might not be just like, ‘Oh, man, people don’t think we can do this again. “This opinion is far from relevant.”

Steve Curry added, “It would be stupid to try to turn us down and actually think that people are going to take you seriously. But we also know that a lot of winning a championship isn’t a guarantee every year, no matter how much we have a chip on our shoulder. You just embrace action and motivation.”

The Warriors feel they still have plenty to motivate them: For the first time in three seasons, they’ve started the season healthy. They want to show that their title in 2022 was not just a coincidence. Perhaps most importantly, their star knows that the tournament window won’t stay open forever.

“I mean, guys who came back and won it for the first time, I just know they want to try it again,” Klay Thompson He said. And I mean, for me personally, and maybe for Steve and Andre [Iguodala] And Draymond, you think of the players who have won five championships, it’s a shortlist. And to have the opportunity, just the chance, to be able to do that is very special.”

– Kendra Andrews

September 24

Can Murray and Trey take Hawks to the next level?

The Hawks hope Murray will pair up with the point guard Tra Young They can push their backcourt up to the championship level. Murray, from the San Antonio Spurs, will play a major role in a post-season rival for the first time since 2019 when Tottenham were knocked out in the first round.

Murray and Young know their chemistry will be key to Atlanta’s success, and Murray has given a little thought to what the team’s approach would look like when on the ground.

“You’ll see the ball move. I think that’s the number one thing – playing the right way. A lot of excitement, I play in defense, and as I’ve always said, I love defending and I think the best attack is to get in and get out and run,” Murray told reporters.

“I’m just excited. We have a lot of guns around us, guys who can do a bunch of things. It starts on the defensive end and will translate to the offensive end, and it’s going to be exciting.”

Porzingis was motivated by the downfall of NBArank

The Wizards are coming off their fourth straight losing season, but the trade for Christapps Porsingis At last year’s trade deadline, the franchise gave at least a potential franchise piece to build on in the future. Porzingis has been in statistical decline in the last few years since tore his side in 2018. But he had 17 productive games with Washington at the end of last season, averaging 22.1 points, 8.8 rebounds and 2.9 assists, which was reminiscent of us. In his only All-Star season in 2017-18.

Porzingis came in at 86th on this year’s ESPN NBArank, its lowest level since the junior season in 2015, and admits he’s using the rankings as his motivation this year.

“Especially this year, I’m going to have a chip on my shoulder because of the ESPN rating.” Porzingis told reporters. “I use it as gasoline and energy. I look forward to reminding everyone of what I can do on both ends of the floor.”

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