NFL Week 3 overreaction and reality check: Jaguar the best in South Asia? Can’t Billing Win Big Games?

This week in the NFL hasn’t been as crazy as the first two weeks of the year, back to normal in the league – sort of. The Kansas City Chiefs And the buffalo bills Both lost on Sunday, which is a rarity for two strong league teams – while Philadelphia Eagles And the Miami Dolphin They are the only league teams 3-0 (undefeated New York Giants play on Monday).

This league has been more competitive than ever, with 18 games marked by three points or less this season—the most such games during the first three weeks of the season in NFL history. There have been 25 games this season that have been won by six points or less, tied with 2013 for most of those games over the first three weeks – and there’s only one game you’ll play on Monday night.

While the NFL has a lot of teams trying to figure themselves out, there is a lot of overreaction to go with the results from Sunday. These are the best reactions from each game in Week 3, and whether these events are exaggerated or true.

Jaguar They are the best team in South Asia

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

Doug Pederson’s transformation with Jaguar made him one of the early candidates for Coach of the Year. Jacksonville has a stifling defense that has resulted in opponents averaging just 5.0 points per game over the past two weeks – including strongholds. chargers Attacking only 10 points in a dominant 38-10 win on Sunday.

Trevor Lawrence is a completely different midfielder with enough passing forwards to get better as the season progresses. Christian Kirk was a problem for opposing defenses because he was such a powerful slot weapon. James Robinson is getting better by the week, just nine months after his Achilles rupture.

With a South Asian look three weeks later, Jaguar is the team to beat for now.

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

Hurts is the first player in NFL history to average 300 yards per game and 50 fast yards per game after the first three games of the season. The Eagles quarterback gave another dominant performance against the leaderscompleting 22 of 35 passes for 340 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions for a 123.5 pass rating.

Hurts is one of only six quarterbacks with a passing rating of over 100 and has seven touchdowns (four assists and three lunges). The Eagles started 3-0 and are one of only two teams undefeated in the NFC three weeks later.

Hurts is not just an MVP candidate. He is one of the nominees for the award.

Josh McDaniels should be the first coach to be fired this year

Exaggeration or reality? exaggeration

McDaniels proves he shouldn’t have had a second chance as head coach, as proof before Raiders‘0-3 start the year – after a season of playoffs with provisional Rich Bisakia. Despite starting 0-3, the three raiders’ losses totaled 13 points – the third lowest amount by any team starting from 0-3 over the past 25 years.

A third-rate proficiency was horrific against titans (1 of 12) and red zone conversions were just as bad (2 of 6). McDaniels was supposed to improve Vegas in this department, but he wasn’t able to execute with more weapons at his disposal.

Vegas shouldn’t move from McDaniels yet, but he’s in the hot seat. The 0-3 start is not what the Raiders envisioned with these casual moves.

Exaggeration or reality? exaggeration

This was a match Cincinnati needed after a difficult 0-2 start, as the Bengals jumped to a 20-6 lead over Planes And she never looked back. Joe Burrow looked like Joe Burrow again, completing 23 of 36 passes for 275 yards with three touchdowns, no interceptions, and a rating of 114.9 passes.

Cincinnati 7 of 14 was third, had only five penalty kicks, and only allowed two kickers (13 allowed in the first two games). While a win was necessary, the Bengals had to play the undefeated Dolphins on Thursday night before Lamar Jackson and The crows In the fifth week in another prime time event.

Splitting these two games will keep the Bengals on their feet, but they have to protect Burrow and play better in the first half against a tougher competition. Then this reaction becomes a reality.

Lamar Jackson is the favorite for the best player award

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

What Jackson has done through three games is something of a legend. Jackson is the first player in the Super Bowl era to have 10 touchdown passes and 100 fast yards through three starts, coming off a performance that went 18 from 29 for 218 yards with four touchdowns and one interception while also rushing for 107 yards and a hit.

Jackson owns back-to-back games with 100 rushing yards and is the first quarterback to play in back-to-back games with more than 100 yards in his career. He has more passes and rushes (12) during his first three games than in MVP season (eight). He also has more rushing yards (243) than a season MVP (172) and averages slightly fewer yards (8.5) than a year MVP (8.6) through three games.

Jackson is the reason why Baltimore has a strong attack and is one of the contenders in the AFC. He is the best player in the position in three weeks.

The Bills can’t be taken seriously as Super Bowl favorites until they win single-division matches

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

Buffalo was without six starting players and had just played a tough game on the road in the sweltering heat, but he found another way to lose one game. The bills are 0-7 in single-score games since the start of last season, which includes a comma breakdown in the division into Chiefs (the game should have ended Buffalo).

The Bills have the longest active losing streak in single-score games in the NFL, although they outperform the Dolphins by 285 yards. Buffalo was 11 of 18 in third and 2 of 4 in the red. How did you lose the bills?

Josh Allen fumbled inside his 10-yard line resulting in Dolphin scoring and taking a field goal opportunity on a foul shot in an upward attempt. Tyler Bass missed a field goal and took Gabe Davis touchdown.

Buffalo is too good to keep losing on single score games, but Bills have to finish bugs when the game is tight. The bills are loaded, but they have to break that hex if they want to be the favorites in the conference they are being billed as.

Bosses need to add backtracking when the trade deadline arrives

Exaggeration or reality? exaggeration

Kansas City shouldn’t be ready to go in that direction yet, but Andy Reed couldn’t like what he saw in Sunday’s loss to ponies. Jerick McKinnon was yelling at his teammates for their performances, resulting in the heads averaging just 2.5 yards and a total of 58 yards. Patrick Mahomes was the leading rider with 26 yards.

McKinnon only had seven gigs for 20 yards, while rookie Isiah Pacheco had three gigs for nine yards. Clyde Edwards-Hilaire had seven gigs without yards. The Chiefs’ offensive streak wasn’t great at creating holes, but their backs should improve.

The Chiefs average 93 dash yards per game and rushing totals drop each week. The running state is on alert, but there’s no reason to upgrade yet.

Tom Brady is starting to look like an aging midfielder

Exaggeration or reality? exaggeration

I’m not ready to go down that rabbit hole yet, even if Brady has only had three landings in three weeks and pirate He has not scored more than 20 points in any of his three matches.

Brady was on 31 of 42 for 271 yards with touchdowns and no interceptions without Mike Evans, Chris Goodwin and Julio Jones. He’s been throwing in the likes of Russell Gage, Prishad Berryman, Jaylon Darden, and Cole Beasley – not the future group he came out of retirement for.

Evans, Goodwin and Jones have played 13 shots together this season which is why Brady has the fewest assists in three games and the lowest passing rating (89.2) since 2014. Let’s wait until Brady’s top playmakers return before we move on to the conclusion that he’s reporting The 45-year-old finally shows his age.

The black You must learn how to finish games

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

The Lions blew a 10-point lead and took a 14-0 lead in the final quarter of a game they dominated early on. In their five possessions in the fourth quarter, Detroit shot twice, turned the ball down, missed a field goal and Jared Goff threw a desperate interception after Vikings Take the lead.

Detroit ran 27 plays for 80 yards without points. In fourth and fourth, three points with 1:14 remaining, Dan Campbell decided to attempt a 54-yard field goal to put the Lions in the top six after going 4 of 6 on fourth-down attempts earlier in the game. The confusing fourth-place decision put the Vikings in a good field position to advance down the field for the winning score.

This was a game for Lions to take the next step under Campbell. This team is better, but Campbell has to train him to win in addition to his desire to win.

James Winston is back in Tampa Bay

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

Winston put big numbers in the loss to leopards (25 of 41, 353 yards, touchdown), but threw two interceptions and failed to feature Alvin Camara in the offense on his return. The saints The foul was inconsistent throughout the afternoon as Winston struggled again on passes over 10 air yards—and he didn’t throw any touchdowns for five interceptions in the year (including two on Sunday).

Carolina pressed Winston and he felt the heat, making the wrong decisions and only targeting Chris Olaf and Triquan Smith. Winston looks like the quarterback the pirates threw three years ago, which is a terrible sign for saints.

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

Only one game from Herbert was needed for this game to take shape, as he finished No. 2 at the back with 20 yards for 157 yards and two touchdowns with Chicago improving to 2-1 on the year. Herbert averaged 7.9 yards per carry as the Bears finished 281 yards in the afternoon — averaging 7 yards per carry as a team.

It sure was just Texas And the Bears need to throw more football, but the attack definitely weakened the Texans defense throughout the game and dominated possession time. Chicago Fields don’t trust throwing football, and they don’t seem to have a game plan to help him develop.

Herbert is the play here. As a result, the bears win matches.

basicsA slow start will lead to the elimination of Cliff Kingsbury

Exaggeration or reality? Indeed

He drove the Cardinals only once in three games – and that was in a stuttering relegation in overtime. Cliff Kingsbury excelled at the start of the games, including on Sunday after Arizona State only had 22 yards after four rounds.

The rams He jumped to the front 13-0 before the Cardinal could achieve anything, though Arizona failed to score a touchdown in the red and went 6 of 18 on the third touchdown. Arizona has made 72 plays on its last five possessions and scored just 12 points.

What Kingsbury does is not working out and the Cardinal needs the rhythm to get this season on the right track. The Kingsbury seat is getting warmer, but Arizona has Carolina, New Orleans and Seattle in three of the next four weeks. Chances are to turn the year around — and DeAndre Hopkins will be back soon.

The hawks They are the second best team in NFC South

Exaggeration or reality? exaggeration

There are worse teams in the league than the Falcons – two of them may actually be in their own division. Atlanta managed to beat Seattle on the road with an impressive offensive performance in which Arthur Smith came out swinging. Atlanta is playing hard for its coach and the attack shows that it’s not the problem.

Marcus Mariota isn’t going to be sued anytime soon and Cordarelli Patterson has become a real threat on Earth. With the way the Panthers and Saints started their seasons, the Hawks are in conversation with them for the division’s second best team (and they had a double lead over the Saints in the first week).

Carolina and New Orleans might be better, but Atlanta will give these teams all they can handle. Hawks are not easy to break out.

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