Experts say myths about abortion and women’s mental health are widespread

CNN – It is baseless Message experts say it’s repeated over and over again: A miscarriage may harm a woman’s mental health, possibly for years. “There is a lot of misinformation, and many myths about abortion. Abortion will lead to substance abuse, depression and suicidal thoughts. Abortion is bad for your health; every woman will … Read more

6 Fitness Lessons Learned in 5 Years of Lifting Weights

In the summer of 2017, I agreed to perform six weeks of personal training as an introduction to weightlifting for an article. I’ve always been trying different things as a lifestyle journalist, but it was mostly fleeting interests in content. Strength training, however, was different. When I agreed to write this article, I had no … Read more

How do serotonin, dopamine and the smell of food affect aging

Attractive food aromas are enough to reduce the life-prolonging effect of a restricted diet. A research team discovered why this happens and whether this phenomenon can be prevented with a drug. The smell of food prevents the life-prolonging effect of a restricted diet. These medications may prevent it. A research study using worms provides new … Read more

Brittany Kaiser of Cambridge Analytica worked for Ukraine

Placeholder while loading article actions Brittany Kaiser has come into the spotlight as a controversial Republican kingmaker — a young Chicagoan who, while managing business development for Cambridge Analytica, helped marshal the data of tens of millions of Facebook users to pressure Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential nomination. Now Kaiser has played a completely different role: … Read more

Cliché Money Advice Financial Planners Say You Can Ignore It

There are some cliched financial tips I’ve heard over and over that financial planners say they ignore. Examples include ‘Rent is a waste of money’ and ‘Credit card balance is good for your credit score’. And the advice to increase your 401(k) cap and buy cryptocurrency isn’t right for everyone. loading Something is uploading. Four … Read more

Startups attract investments of $280 million

Karachi: In the face of national and international economic crises, the booming Pakistani companies succeeded in securing investments in the first half of 2022 better than the previous year. Investments in the second quarter of 2022 were recorded at more than $ 103 million, bringing the first half of 2022 to about $ 280 million, … Read more

9 Apps That Let You Use Your Android Phone in Unexpected Ways

Android has so many apps to explore that some hidden gems are easy to miss. You usually use your smartphone for daily activities like calling, messaging, browsing social media, taking pictures and things like that. However, there are more unique ways to use your Android device with the help of some rather unusual apps. Make … Read more