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Raffiella Chapman as Vesper, a 13-year-old biohacker in Vesper.

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Raffiella Chapman as Vesper, a 13-year-old biohacker in Vesper.

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This week, I threw Iceland Baby puffins off the slopesWe celebrate one year of Sesame Street full time Black Female Engine DollsWe remember hip hop icon Coolio.

Here’s what the Pop Culture Happy Hour team was up to—and what you should check out this weekend.



I’m fascinated by this small indie sci-fi movie that has a lot of really beautiful works. it’s called Vesper, an ecological tale about a time when the human race was able to engineer nature from nature. He contributed to a planet where nothing grows anymore.

A 13-year-old girl named Vesper is trying to make her way to a sustainable world. Felt like it was a combination of maybe hunger Games Because she struggles against the world in this way, and something like that sons of men Or, I don’t know, The Road. One of those other types of miserable futures contracts.

It’s just a beautiful picture with a bunch of practical effects, as it didn’t have a budget. Just the things that are supposed to happen in front of the camera, and then a lot of the things that can’t happen in front of the camera that had to be added digitally.

It’s a European production, and it’s really interesting. And it opens this weekend so everyone gets a chance to see it too. – Bob Mondello

Lizzo’s collaboration with the Library of Congress


Love the mashup going on with the Library of Congress and Lizzo online this week. Carla Hayden of the Library of Congress tweeted on Lizzo, on her way to Washington, D.C., to give presentations.

The library has this amazing collection of historical flutes and I believe there was a security team that went to deliver James Madison’s crystal flute to Lizzo, which is played on stage this week.

It was really funny to see the Library of Congress tweeting Lizzo’s words to her and her going to the Library of Congress. It’s the kind of duo I wasn’t expecting, and as a longtime Washingtonian, I kind of like it. – Bilal Qureshi

amber mark album, Three deep dimensions

Spotify’s algorithm showed me a really good R&B album probably about two weeks ago, and since I discovered it, I haven’t put it down. It’s an album released in January of this year called Three deep dimensions by Amber Mark.

She has that great kind of low R&B sound, a raspy voice in the spirit of TLC’s Toni Braxton or T-Boz. And it’s paired with that cool R&B sound, and a chill, almost ambient feel. she is very beautiful.

it’s a One of those albums You can play from top to bottom, and it all just works. My favorite track is probably the second track, titled “What is It”. It’s a great Sunday afternoon R&B, and it quickly became my favorite album of the year after Beyoncé Renaissance.


This is one of those things that made me say, “Hey, maybe Spotify’s algorithm is good, because I would never have discovered Amber Mark without the algorithm.” So kudos to Amber Mark and I think thank you, Spotify. – Sam Sanders

eyebrow thirst traps

What makes me happy is very simple, basic and physical. Our man Asher has posted a lot of thirst traps, nostalgia thirst traps, because they 25th Anniversary from the album my way. He was just a teenager when he made this album, and he’s now in his mid-40s.

He does these side-by-side photos for his cover album, then he is nowadays. Looks like he’s barely a day old since he was a teenager, and I was just enjoying him throwing this stuff up. His Instagram feed. Every time I open my Instagram account, I say, “Oh, look at Usher. I still look good, and I look great.” I am very happy for him. It seems to be thriving.

Also, a little plug for the NPR Tiny Desk, which if you somehow didn’t watch it from last summer, go hour because it is wonderful. He just does what he does, and I’m glad to see him. Besides Beyoncé, he’s one of the few people who’s been able to stay relevant over the last 25 years or more. – Aisha Harris

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by Linda Holmes

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Our favorite PCHH reporter in Florida, NPR’s Eric Deggans, wrote this week Around Weather Reporters And the fact that maybe they should be allowed in during storms, for everyone’s sake.

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