Shohei Ohtani takes batsman eighth against athletics

Anaheim – The MLS MVP race got even more exciting Thursday night.

Two-way star Shuhei Ohtani Possibly the best script performance of his career, losing only four limbs from not hitting to help the Angels in 4-2 win over In the Angel Stadium to complete a sweep of three games. Ohtani walked in Tony Kemp to lead the match, but he wouldn’t allow a single hit until two out from Conner Capel in the eighth inning. He hit 10 over eight goalless innings and also went 2 on 4 on the board with the RBI song at the start to extend his success streak to 14 games.

“It’s amazing,” said interim manager Phil Nevin. “You try not to take what he does for granted because you expect something like this to happen every time he plays, whether he’s in the penalty area or shooting. He’s just a special player and at a special time in our game. The MVP gossip will definitely make tomorrow more interesting [if he completed it]. “

It was another great showing on a hill from Ohtani, who has been an elite shooter and hitter again this season after winning the AL MVP unanimous award last year. He racked up 15 wins for the first time in his career and a 2.35 ERA hit with 213 strikes in 161 runs this year, with one remaining in Oakland on Wednesday. Ohtani has the highest strike average in the Majors and also leads all AL shooters with at least 10 outings of 10 strokes. He’s also hit .275/.358/.529 with 34 ground wrecks and 94 RBI in 151 games this season.

He said his goal was always to throw the ball sans hitter, and while he came short, he was still proud of the way he was able to play despite not having the best fastball.

“That’s my mindset before every outing – to get that perfect no-kick match,” Otani said through interpreter Ebi Mizuhara. “But to be honest, I didn’t really feel the fastball. It wasn’t as fast as usual. But my slider was doing its job and working, so I’m really happy and surprised myself because I got through eight innings.”

Ohtani is running an MVP with Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, who is 61 (and counting). He’s also engaged in conversation for the AL Cy Young Award with other top nominees including Dylan Cease of the White Sox, Astros’ Justin Verlander and Blue Jays’ Alek Manoah.

Otani added that he thinks he is having a better year than last year’s MVP season and is enjoying the race – but noted that the result is not up to him.

“I definitely feel this season is better overall,” Ohtani said. “My performance numbers are better and I play with more confidence after trying last year. I know I won the MVP last year, but I feel like I’m having a better season this year. I feel you guys are more of an expert in the voting, the book, so I’ll leave it up to you guys. But I definitely I enjoy it. I enjoy watching Judge. I watched him hit 61. Just as a baseball fan, it’s great to watch him do his thing.”

Ohtani came close to more history Thursday night despite not having the best Fastball game, throwing four strings just four times out of 108 pitches. But after walking his first hit, he triggered a double play to finish the first and kept rolling from there. He relied heavily on his minor pitches, throwing 52 slides, 22 breakers, 14 curveballs and his new two-stitch 11 times, including the decisive kick by Shawn Murphy to finish the fifth inning.

“If you look at what he was able to do in baseball tonight, it was unbelievable,” Nevin said. “He had a lot of pitches working and these two tailors with Murphy were disgustingly good. When everything works, these things will happen.”

He looked destined for his career first throw before Capel called the 1-2 cut, bypassing diver Levan Soto on a pit stop to break the unsuccessful show with two eighth-place naysayers. Otani then gave up one song for Dermis Garcia in a 1-2 curve ball, but he got off the hook by making Shea Langeliers out to third to finish the inning – and Ohtani night, a masterful outing on his last start at Angel Stadium this season, as He scored 1.82 ERAs in 14 starts.

“That was one of his best rides this season,” said Musk Stasi. “He’s been working on his sliders and throwing a bunch of them. He’s been great, but that doesn’t really surprise me because the sky is endless with him.”

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