Eyenuk AI detects diabetic retinopathy more sensitively than dilation scans

During the 2022 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, Eyenuk Inc. About strong version EyeArt Result from validation Ophthalmology sciencesa peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. According to a press release, the study is titled “AI discovery of diabetic retinopathy: Comparing EyeArt subgroups with expanded ophthalmologists’ examinationsEvaluation of general ophthalmologists, retina specialists and … Read more

Using AI during colonoscopy increases polyp detection rates and reduces costs

An appendix is ​​a small growth in colon tissue that can develop into colorectal cancer. Patients with polyps have a higher risk of developing cancer in the future. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) during colonoscopy, and endoscopic camera examination, could be useful for detecting precancerous polyps, says Yoichi Mori, MD, associate professor of the … Read more

PACSman Certifications: Webinars, bobbleheads, and AI

PACSman man, Mike Canavu. Oftentimes, though, especially with panel discussions on artificial intelligence, I feel like I’m following a car with a mottled roof in the rear window, as everyone nodded their heads up and down in agreement with what one presenter or another was saying while the discussion was usually done. Very little substance. … Read more