China may have ‘passed the point of no return’ with soaring rates of Covid infection

Macquarie’s chief China economist, Larry Hu, said surging Covid infections across mainland China was making it difficult for the government to achieve zero Covid without returning to a harsh lockdown. In the past few days, the number of daily cases has risen to around 28,000 or more — close to levels seen in April during … Read more

Global investors are again bullish on China as Beijing turns to damage control

Hong Kong CNN Business – Market sentiment on Chinese stocks Hit rock bottom Just weeks ago after President Xi Jinping secured Third historical period in power And he stacked his top team with loyalists in a clean sweep not seen since the Mao era. But in the past week, a series of unexpected steps have … Read more

Are you having trouble in the stock market? | hill

If stock market investors lose money next year, they cannot say that the world’s major central banks did not warn them. First, it was Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warning Reducing inflation may require a prolonged period of high interest rates and declining economic growth. Now, both the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank … Read more

Inflation is starting to cool, and Wall Street is loving it

New York CNN Business – Stocks mostly rose on Tuesday after the US government reported this total price It rose at a much less dramatic rate than expected. This news comes a few days after another report showed that the pace High consumer prices It was also slowing down. The daw It was flat in … Read more

This could be the start of a traditional post-mid-term recovery as inflation is showing signs of slowing down

A colder-than-expected October consumer inflation report triggered a massive rally in stocks that could herald the traditional midterm elections in the last quarter of the year. Bond yields fell sharply, as stocks rose after the October CPI rose 0.4%, less than the 0.6% expected. The gains were 7.7% from a year ago, lower than the … Read more

What could the current midterm election results mean for the stock market

What will mid-term 2022 mean for the markets? (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Historically, the period around the US midterm elections could be positive for stocks. This may be because midterms often shift American politics from single-party control to shared power and a small majority. Fewer legislation is usually … Read more

Be prepared to pounce when the market is oversold

CNBC’s Jim Cramer warned investors Friday not to let their guard down when it comes to their portfolios and prepare to cash in on good deals. “Ultimately, you’ll only regret if you don’t buy anything in the heavy selling,” Kramer said. “When the market eventually sells enough, though, that’s when you need to pounce.” Stocks … Read more

Confessions of a Personal Finance Reporter (Part Two): 3 Financial Mistakes

Sarah O’Brien works hard and writes about personal finance. Salvatore Agostino One of the best benefits of being a personal financial reporter is my keen ability to recognize many of the financial mistakes I’ve made in my life. I have already revealed Few in the first iteration of this confession two years ago. While some … Read more

China is no longer just an emerging market

A worker disinfects the Sanlitun shopping complex in Beijing in June as stores in the area were closed for three days following the outbreak of the COVID-19. There is more caution about China this year, as strict Covid controls drag on and growth slows. Analysts point to the long-term trends of China’s low reliance on … Read more

Here’s how the wealthy at Uber pass their tax-free fortune to heirs when markets are down

Brand new pictures | stone | Getty Images a bad stock market It’s often not a reason for investors to rejoice. But for the wealthy, it may provide a path to lower property taxes in the future. That’s because one type of trust gives them better odds of transferring some wealth to their children, grandchildren … Read more