“I’m taking my obsessions to the next level”: First black woman MLB coach to speak at CSUB | News

As the first black woman coach in Major League Baseball history, Bianca Smith has heard the question too many times to count: How can women coach men? “My answer is that men train women all the time.” When a guy gets a job coaching a women’s sport, no one asks how.” But Smith, 31, is … Read more

‘Billie Jean King’ calls white politics ‘awful’ at Wimbledon

CNN – Clothes aren’t just things to keep you warm or cool – they also indicate status, present a challenge, and even relieve anxiety. tennis legend Billie Jean KingClothing allows female tennis players to express their individuality through colors and prints – a right that she fought for with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) in … Read more

Tennis world horrified by the ‘disgusting’ assault of a teenager by a coach

The tennis world has been horrified after a video of a young tennis player being brutally assaulted after a training session in Serbia was circulated. The video clip shows a 14-year-old player being kicked and slapped by a man believed to be her father, before being repeatedly thrown to the ground and kicked. The video … Read more

Emma Raducano needs a stable fitness regimen to tackle her ongoing injury problems, says Andy Murray

Emma Radocano needs a stable fitness regimen to tackle her persistent injury problems, says Andy Murray… after a British teenager hired his former fitness coach Jess Green for a short-term arrangement Emma Radocano has been urged to find consistency in training amid injury issues She asked former fitness coach Murray Green to oversee her pre-season … Read more

Martina Navratilova on breast cancer, mammograms and tennis

Nine times Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova Keen to use her personal experience with early detection of breast cancer to help save lives. during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this is OctoberNavratilova encourages women to prioritize annual mammograms, especially after screening numbers are lower compared to pre-COVID rates. In fact, several 2020 studies revealed an alarming number: … Read more

“Referees must start doing their job until you stop doing it.”

on Sunday, Iga Swiatek She lifted her eighth title in 2022 and 11th overall when she defeated Croatia Donna Vekic 6-3, 3-6, 6-0 in one hour and 47 minutes to grab the inaugural edition of the San Diego Open. This was the third meeting between the two players and the world number 1 is now … Read more

‘Now I get nothing’ – James Blake has welcomed new owner Kim Clijsters to the Pickle Bowl by saying he’s not the ‘best tennis player’ in the league anymore

James Blake Welcome fellow former tennis player Kim Clijsters to the Major League Pickleball Owners League with an entertaining commentary highlighting the Clijsters’ incredible tennis skills. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America and has attracted a large number of star sports owners such as the NBA legend LeBron James, former Super Bowl winner … Read more

‘I was embarrassed’ – Chris Evert remembers the time she lied about her father’s profession on Skipper Chuck Show

as a child, Chris Evert She once lied about her father’s profession, calling him a painter rather than admitting he was a tennis coach. in modern episode subordinate Design Matters with Debbie Millman Evert remembered that she was in the direct audience of Skipper Chuck Show, a popular children’s television show that aired from 1958 … Read more