The epitome of youth and anxiety: Sally confirms to Adam that she had sex with Nick

At Crimson Lights, Sally thanks Chloe for her late-night work and the COO asks how her meeting with Nick is going. Sally says it’s “positive,” but she’s ambiguous. Chloe is happy to hear that it went better than expected and tells Sally that she wants the best for her. She fought so hard to be here and now Nick Newman sings for her. “Looks like he can’t get enough of you.” Sally frowns. Chloe assured her that she could tell her anything. Sally says it’s about Nick…but it has nothing to do with work. Sally reveals that things between her and Nick have decidedly taken a personal turn. Chloe learned that they were intimate and understanding, “These things happen.” A couple of drinks for dinner and you can go wrong. Sally asks if it was a mistake if it happened twice. Chloe needs to address this. Sally explains that it was brand new and was unfamiliar, but it was Brainstorming. Chloe raises his hand. “Excessive sharing!”

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At Newman Enterprises, Nick tells Adam that his ex-wife can do whatever she wants, including have a business dinner with him. Adam thinks that by the way they were looking at each other, he highly doubts they are talking about profit margins. Nick accuses him of unleashing his imagination. Adam wants him to be cleansed. Nick tells him that jealousy is not a good look and warns him to tread carefully. Adam snores that Sally is using Nick to answer him. “You’re the renegade guy. You broke her heart, and went to the next Newman in line.” Nick says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “If you think that’s what’s going on, you don’t know me or you know Sally very well.” Adam notes that he did not deny that they slept together, so he tells him everything he needs to know. He keeps urging Nick for the truth, but his brother tells him to let her go. “We finished.” Adam asks, “Are you real, Nick?” He won’t crawl out of there with his tail between his legs and he’s just getting started.
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On Crimson Lights, Sally continues to say that they don’t tag her but Nick is honest, charming, funny and listens to her opinion. She is really happy when she is with him. Chloe sighs. She thinks Nick is a good man, but Sally does herself no favors by getting involved not only with her boss but with Adam’s brother. She worries that Sally is not 100% more than Adam. Sally will get there. Chloe warns that interference can get very messy. “Does Adam know about Nick?” Sally says he doesn’t know for sure, but he doubts. Chloe whiskers, “That’s not good.” Sally points out that they were civil – even when she and Nick crossed paths with Adam and Chelsea over dinner. Chloe thinks this sounds like a night from hell and she is grateful for her boring life. She warns Sally that if Adam thinks she’s sleeping with Nick, he’ll go after her, and if he finds out what’s really going on, he will. Not Handle it gracefully!

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Summer and Kyle greet each other at Abbott’s mansion with a kiss and wish each other a happy Renewal Eve. Kyle tells her he will hear about her the next day – she is needed in the bedroom now for a surprise.

Nate walks into the penthouse and hopes to calm down. Elena hasn’t changed her mind about what he’s doing and still thinks she needs to spend some time apart. “I’ve booked a room at the Grand Phoenix Hotel.” Nate asks, “How long?” she does not know. Nate wants to work together in their house, but Elena refuses. With how she feels, she can’t stay with him. It will make things worse than they already are. Nate hates that she can’t see his plan from his point of view. Elena sees what he’s doing and doesn’t like what he’s become – he’s blinded by greed and ambition and thinks it’s the only opinion that matters. He values ​​power over everything else, even his family. Nate denies it. He does not value power over the people in his life, especially over them. Elena will do anything to help him, but he will not listen to her. Nate doesn’t need her to save him. “What I want is your love and support.” He sighs, “But that seems to be asking for too much.” Suddenly, he thinks she’s right – separation is for the best.
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In Cale and Summer’s bedroom, she closed her eyes and kissed her. Then he puts a straw hat on her head. She opens her eyes and removes them from her head to look at him. Summer considers it “cute” but she doesn’t know how much clothes she’ll throw away. She thinks it’s proof. Cale nodded his head.
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Tell her they’re going somewhere that straw hat would suit the tropical vibe – Costa Rica for their honeymoon! Summer screams, jumps up and down and in his arms. Next, you want to know all about the honeymoon. Kyle paints the picture of heaven so vivid that she can practically feel the sand under her toes. Kyle offers her a preview of what will happen in Costa Rica and they kiss and begin to undress.
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In Newman, Adam wants to find out what’s going on with the woman he still loves and his brother. Nick tells him if Sally wants to talk to him about her personal life, she will. He describes it as sad that Adam would run around to come after him. Adam reminds him that this is what he does to him. Nick groans, “Here we go.” Adam points out that there are thousands of women in this town, but to whom did he go? Nick tells him that it’s not all about him. They are heated up just as Victoria appears and asks what the hell is going on.
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Adam says he was there to see Nick but he is leaving now. He told Victoria that Nick could bring her and Sally up to speed because he was betting good money that he would see him again tonight. “Till next time, brother,” Adam echoed as he walked out. Victoria asks Nick, “What was that?” Nick says he was just Adam doing what he does best and looking for a fight. Victoria asks if he would like to clarify his comment on Sally. Nick says there’s nothing to worry about – it’s none of anyone’s business. Victoria does not agree. “Only you and Adam made it my business.”

In Crimson Lights, Sally insists Chloe that she and Nick are nothing. She wants to drop the topic. Chloe thinks they should tackle the most important thing. “How does your heart feel?” Sally knows she can’t go back to Adam. She refuses to let him break her heart again. Chloe wasn’t talking about Adam… she was talking about Nick.

In the shed, Elena has everything she needs … for now. Nate says, “It’s not like this is forever, is it?” Elena should go. You walk to the door, stop, and turn around. “I love you, Nate. I wish…” Nate says, “I know. Me too.” Elena papers.
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Elena enters her suite in the hotel and sits and cries.

At home, Nate pours Scotch, sighs, looks at a picture of him and Elena, and walks away at a brisk pace.

At Newman, Victoria notes that Nick has become a staunch defender of Sally. He is convinced she will do great things for Newman Media. Victoria trusts his judgment, which is why she gives her another chance, but Adam seems to think something is going on between him and Sally and doesn’t seem to be happy about it. Nick quipped, “Did you notice that too?” Victoria warns him not to joke about this. Adam will criticize – the only question is how bad will he be?
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In Crimson Lights, Sally is unaware of Chloe’s concern about Nick. “Don’t I deserve a nice man?” Chloe says, “Of course.” But she knows Sally feels things deeply. What if Nick shows up and says it’s just a thing? “Are you going to be okay with that?” Sally insists they will talk about it and cancel it. She appreciates Chloe’s concern but she won’t break her heart. Chloe reminds her that she can’t predict it. Sally just needs time to figure things out. Suddenly Adam entered.

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Chloe refuses to leave Adam alone with Sally when he says he wants to talk. Adam tells her she can stay. He just wants a straight answer from Sally. “You know this is eating me up and you know how I feel about you, so just tell me, please. I just want to hear the truth… from you.” Sally sighs. “Yeah, something happened between me and Nick. I don’t know what it is but whatever it is, you can’t get an opinion on it. You and I broke up. I don’t owe you an explanation.” I went outside and Chloe stared at Adam with her arms crossed.
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Chloe tells Adam that he did it himself by pressing too hard. He made Sally run in reverse and now she has room in her life for the good stuff. Chloe decided she should thank him. “Well done. Good job!”

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In the Abbott manse, Kyle and Summer cuddle on the sofa when Harrison calls them from upstairs. Once they take the boy downstairs on the sofa with them, Summer guesses that he had a really good dream. Harrison nodded. Summer thinks it’s because he’s excited about tomorrow. Harrison asserts, “I can’t wait.” Cale declares that it will be a great day for all of them. Summer calls for a group hug.
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In the community, she encounters Victoria Nate in the pub. She asked for food, and he invited her to join him while she waited. She notices he doesn’t seem to be having the best night and asks if it’s about Chancellor Winters. Nate confirms that he has something to do with him. Victoria wonders if this means he’s changing his mind about her arrangement. Nate assures her that he is a man of his word and that their arrangement is in place. He admits that he created a conflict between himself and Elena. Victoria was surprised that he told her the plan. Nate wishes he hadn’t. Tell Victoria not to worry, she won’t spill the beans. Victoria reflects that not everyone is like her and her father. Nate was not used to having to justify his decisions. Victoria urges him to stick to his way and his convictions, this is the only way not to feel remorse.

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At Newman, Nick tells Victoria he can handle Adam. Victoria feels that he’s not the only one to worry about him – their father will have something to say about his romance with a woman he wants to expel. Nick shrugged, “It’s not a big deal.” Victoria asks, “How about summer?” It reminds him of Sally trying to steal her job. Nick tells Victoria that she is getting ahead of herself and this is not for public consumption. Victoria scoffs that things have a way out. Nick says, “It’s my life.” Victoria gives up. “Fine.” But she warns him not to think what he’s doing with Sally affects the family and the company. “This is absolute certainty.”

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Sally stared out her hotel room window when she knocked on the door. I opened it up for you. She exhales. He takes a step towards her and they kiss.

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